Spellbreak Classes Guide

In this Spellbreak Classes guide, we have explained all the different Classes in that you can spec into in this magic battle royale.

Players in Spellbreak have to choose a Class they will play as before every match. Each class consists of different skills which depend upon the element around which the class is based on.

Spellbreak Classes

In Spellbreak, every class is centered around an element and that will empower that element’s corresponding Gauntlet.

When a match starts, the player will be equipped with a common gauntlet corresponding to the element which they chose. As you progress, you will unlock different additional skills.

When a match ends, the player will gain XP which will progress both their Mage rank and Class Mastery rank. Higher classes have different unlockable cosmetic items for the players.

In Spellbreak, there are 6 different Classes which have been explained below.

  • Frostborn
  • Conduit
  • Pyromancer
  • Toxicologist
  • Stoneshaper
  • Tempest

Frostborn Class

This class starts from Frost gauntlet and mastering it will be quite difficult as it has a “time to master” rating of High.

Its abilities will help you deal very high damage from long range and also increases your immunity.

Frost Gauntlet Abilities

  • Ice Lance (Spell) – Fires a sharp spear of ice after a short delay. Can be charged to increase speed and damage.
  • Flash Freeze (Sorcery) – Creates a zone of cold air around you, slowing players and eventually freezing them.

Frostborn Class Skills

  • Frozen Alacrity (Level 1) – Ice Lance freezes the ground which allows anyone to skate on it and move faster.
  • Icicle (Level 2) – Hover in mid-air while aiming (5s). Outline targets while aiming.
  • Tundra (Level 3) – Immune to damage while casting Flash Freeze. (0.65s). In addition, cleanse yourself of Ignite, Corrosion, and Slows. Flash Freeze Duration: +100%.
  • Ice Prism (Level 4) – Ice Lance can be overcharged for 0.5s and give 35% more damage.

Conduit Class

In this class, the starting gauntlet is the Lighting Gauntlet. It is also difficult to master.

This class provides rapid-fire and runic efficiency to the player.

Lightning Gauntlet Abilities

  • Lightning Bolt (Spell) – Quickly shoots multiple lightning bolts in succession.
  • Lightning Strike (Sorcery) – Call down lightning from the sky after a short delay.

Conduit Class Skills

  • Potential Energy (Level 1) – +1 Damage every Bolt until you stop casting. Max +5.
  • Overload (Level 2) – Lightning Strike increases Rune charge. Max 1
  • Power Surge (Level 3) – After casting Lightning Strike, -100% mana cost on Spells (4s).
  • Secondary Strikes (Level 4) – Lightning Strike causes +4 Strikes at 0.6s intervals.


Pyromancer class has the Fire Gauntlet at the start. It is easy to master and boosts your damage.

It is helpful for you to control areas and box in or out other players.

Fire Gauntlet Abilities

  • Fireball (Spell) – Shoots a ball of fire that explodes on contact.
  • Flamewall (Sorcery) – Creates a wall of fire that can set enemies ablaze.

Pyromancer Class Skills

  • Combust (Level 1) – Fireball Explosion Radius +200%.
  • Firefly (Level 2) – You’re immune to your team’s Flame Walls and will fly for a short time after passing through an allied Flamewall.
  • Pyrolysis (Level 3) – Firewall damage +100% for 2 seconds.
  • Conflagration (Level 4) – Fireball spawns smaller Fireballs on impact which branch out.

Toxicologist Class

The Toxicologist class starts from the common Toxic Gauntlet. It has a skill level of medium to master.

It is great at helping you deal more damage over time and stay undetected.

Toxic Gauntlet Abilities

  • Toxic Spray (Spell) – Sprays a bunch of streams of toxic gas. Damage is dependent on how many streams hit the target.
  • Toxic Cloud (Sorcery) – Toss a chunk of goo that explodes into a cloud of toxic gas.

Toxicologist Class Spells

  • Viscosity (Level 1) – Leaves Sticky Toxic Puddles on the ground. Hitting a target spawns a puddle under their feet.
  • Vanishing Mists (Level 2) – Immune to your team’s Toxic Clouds. Entering an allied Toxic Cloud makes you dash and become temporarily invisible.
  • Outbreak (Level 3) – 75% increased Toxic Spray damage when invisible.
  • Spreading Sickness (Level 4) – Can fire +2 Toxic Clouds.

Stoneshaper Class

The Stoneshaper class’s starting gauntlet is the Stone Gauntlet.

It is easy to master and provides you extra defense.

Stone Gauntlet Abilities

  • Shockwave (Spell) – Creates a wave of earth moving along the ground. You have to be on the ground to use it.
  • Boulderfall (Sorcery) – Chuck a big ol’ rock at your opponent that does damage on impact.

Stoneshaper Class Skills

  • Stoneskin (Level 1) – Shockwave increases the player’s armor +20 when cast.
  • Bedrock (Level 2) – Casting Shockwave in midair will cause the player to slam down to the ground before casting it.
  • Avalanche (Level 3) – Gain additional maximum Boulderfall charges as it flies.
  • Accretion (Level 4) – Boulderfall boulders charges +1 as they travel through the air.


The Tempest class’s starting gauntlet is Wind Gauntlet. It has a “time to master rating” of High and this build has a pretty high-mobility play style.

Wind Gauntlet Abilities

  • Wind Shear (Spell) – Gusts of wind damage your target and deflect their spells.
  • Tornado (Sorcery) – A twisting column of fierce wind that sucks players in. Players in the air get pulled in faster.

Tempest Class Skills

  • Wind Surge (Level 1) – Firing Wind Shear at the ground causes the player to jump up.
  • Updraft (Level 2) – Immune to your team’s Tornadoes. Jumping into an allied Tornado lets you fly into the air.
  • Squall (Level 3) – Spell damage is increased +20% as you’re in the air. The longer you’re in the air, the more your spell damage goes up.
  • Sudden Gust (Level 4) – Sorcery Cooldown is 100% faster while you’re in the air.