Marvel’s Avengers Warship Boss Guide

The Avengers have gone against an AIM Aerial weapons platform built to enforce ‘order’. In this Marvel’s Avengers Warship Boss guide, we’ll be showing you how to out-maneuver the jet and target its weak points to take it down for good.

Marvel’s Avengers AIM Warship Boss

The Warship’s a pretty easy enemy to deal with if you’ve been managing your gear correctly. You will encounter this boss in the last leg of the game, during Mayhem over Manhattan mission.

Even if you’re a little underpowered, the fight shouldn’t be too hard to deal with in its entirety.

The Ship is Priority
You might notice a few adds on the ground, and various enemies trying to take your attention away from the ship.

The natural response would be to take them out, but it’s just better to focus on the ship instead of dealing with any other mobs spawning in.

Deal with the Turrets
On the wing of the jet, you can find turrets that will be constantly locked onto you. These turrets will continuously damage you until destroyed.

Use your ranged attacks, or simply get close enough and attack them mid-air to deal with them. Deal with turrets present on both sides to make the rest of the fight a little easier.

Get on the Warship
If you’re not using a flying hero, you might find jumping onto the Warship a bit difficult. The best thing would be to use jump pads scattered around the area.

Target its Vulnerabilities
Different weak spots will show around and over the ship. Attack them to deal damage overtime.

The basic idea is to attack ANYTHING that glows and avoid being distracted by additional enemies flying around you. End the fight as soon as possible and save the day!

Ranged Attacks
If you’re on the ground, then the best way to deal with the weaponry and weak spots located at the bottom of the turret is by using ranged attacks.

As Captain America, you can continuously throw the shield until its systems go offline.

Keep Moving
The ship will expose weaknesses all around its hull. Make sure to come down to the ground after dealing with everything above.

The hull of the ship will reveal multiple generators and turrets all around for you to target and destroy.