Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Apparently Next-Gen Only

A post on a LinkedIn profile for a Ubisoft employee has started some fans of the Beyond Good and Evil series thinking that the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2 will only be a next-gen game. However, so far it’s just a rumor so we have no idea if it’s true.

The LinkedIn profile has its owner state that they worked on a next-generation version of the long-awaited sequel, but there’s been no confirmation yet that the game will be next-gen only or even that it will be released at any point in the next few years. While Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced at E3 2017, and we got another trailer the following year, we’ve received no real details since then.

While we’ve seen some initial gameplay, including hearing about how the game will be shared-world and allow co-op in various ways, none of these have been confirmed by Ubisoft and we haven’t heard anything else about the game in a very long time, so who knows how it will change.

Considering how long it’s taken Beyond Good and Evil 2 to come out even after being announced at E3, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it did end up coming out only for next-gen consoles. It might come out years after the new generation begins and Ubisoft cuts off support for previous-generation consoles.

However, there are a few other reasons why it’s likely that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will likely be next-gen exclusive. For instance, considering we’ll be traveling through space and visiting multiple planets, it’s possible that the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are the only consoles that could really handle it.

We’ll probably be waiting for a good while longer before we can actually anything else about Beyond Good and Evil 2, so in the meantime it’s best not to speculate even with LinkedIn pages giving out tidbits of information.