Microsoft Announces Xbox Series S Price, Specifications & Design

After a day of constant leaks and rumors, Microsoft finally announces Xbox Series S. The console will serve as a gap between Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. The company also confirmed its price and console design, describing it as the smallest next-gen console.

The news comes from Xbox’s Twitter account, after a series of leaks and teases on the platform. Luckily, Microsoft didn’t take long to confirm everything, from the leaked images to its price. Xbox Series S will release with a retail price of $299 and its slim design will serve as a substitute for anyone who thinks that Xbox Series X is too bulky for their taste.

As you can see, Xbox Series S is half the size of Series X and now follows the color palette of One S. On the top, there’s a large woofer-looking fan space, which will most likely serve as the main source of cooling since the console is relatively small. Fans were quick to create memes about the Series S design and how it looks like a stereo and that we have to buy two in order to make it a surround home theater. Undeniably, the highlight of the day.

For what it’s worth, Xbox Series S will be a big release for Microsoft, especially since its price is significantly lower than its “bigger brother”. This is mostly due to the fact that Series S doesn’t house a disk reader, making it the upgrade for the diskless One S. Other than that, its specifications come super close to those of the Series X. In detail the console offers:

  • 1440p at up to 120 FPS
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Custom 512GB SSD
  • 4K Streaming Media Playback
  • 4K Upscaling for Games
  • Diskless play

It’s interesting that Xbox Series S manages to house the power of X in a tiny shell which is about 60% smaller than the originally announced console. Microsoft always does a great job with releasing systems that apply to all price ranges and Series S is no exception. It won’t be far-fetched to expect its sales to go up even more than its big brother.

Microsoft promises to share more info on Xbox Series S soon. Undeniably, this model will be perfect for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers that want a next-gen upgrade. As far as we know, Xbox Series S and X will release sometime in November. The low budget option will be priced at $299 while the Series X will retail at $499.

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