Tell Me Why Episode 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Much like Life is Strange, Dotnod’s Tell me Why features collectibles players have to find in each and every chapter. You have to find 5 different Tell Me Why Episode 2 Collectibles and they are not difficult to find if you follow our guide completely.

Tell Me Why Episode 2 Collectibles

Below we have mentioned all the collectibles similar to Episode 1 and their locations in Tell Me Why Chapter 2 for you to look at and see if you might be missing something.

Unfortunately, if you have already missed a collectible, you will have to replay the chapter to earn the achievement for collecting them all.

The Big Frog
This collectible can be found, when the player is visiting the house as Alyson. As Alyson go to the living room area. In the living room area, look under the table. The collectible is right there.

The Stalwart Moose
You will find the second one in Delos Crossing Police station when you go upstairs. Here you will be playing as Tyler. While looking in Eddy’s office you will find this collectible in the left drawer of the desk.

The Very Old Beaver
When the players go to the graveyard, where their mother is buried after going to the general store. The player will find this collectible behind the grave of Carol Brown in the second section of the graveyard.

The Mangy Muskrat
You can find this collectible in the storage room, where the cuddly toys are kept. This collectible can be found right in the open and can be grabbed anytime you want. However, you should grab it when Tyler is visiting the beach.

The Moon Hag
When Tyler and Alyson return to the house and see the barn on fire and a mysterious figure. Playing as Alyson, players will put out the fire and then enter the barn as Tyler.

After assessing the condition of the barn as Tyler, go into the back and you will find this collectible in the bottom cupboard on the floor.

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