Microsoft “Cooking” New Xbox Series X Announcements For This Month

Microsoft has been pretty busy for the past few hours. Not only was Xbox Series S officially announced, pricing details for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X were officially confirmed as well. Those though were not the only major announcements that Microsoft has been sitting on.

Taking to Twitter just now, Xbox global product marketer Marty Hess teased that Microsoft has been “cooking” more next-generation announcements and which will be shared with the public soon. Microsoft will obviously be breaking down Xbox Series S in the coming days. The month of September though may possible be also where new games from Xbox Game Studios are announced and a launch lineup is highlighted for Xbox Series X.

Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge and the insider who reported on Xbox Series S before the all-digital next-generation console was announced, confirmed as well that there would be “lots more Xbox news” by the end of September. He refrained from going into any specifics but further teased a “big month” ahead.

Besides confirming the launch lineup, Microsoft is expected to start taking pre-orders in the coming days for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. There have already been several leaks by retailers to suggest the same. With the flagship Halo Infinite delayed to somewhere in 2021, Microsoft will need to offer something equal in size this holiday season.

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