Among Us Crewmate Tips

Our Among Us Crewmate Tips Guide includes an in-depth look-over on everything that you should be aware of to be the perfect crewmate and how you can oust the Imposter among us.

Among Us Crewmate Tips

In Among Us, your objective revolves around completing tasks, steering clear of the Imposter, while looking for clues and evidence to prove that a crew member of your team is the Imposter.

There’ll be a vote once you claim to have found the Imposter.

If the majority of the crew sides with you, the Imposter will be kicked out of the crew and you’ll succeed!

Coordination is key when it comes to winning in Among Us. Instead of doing everything on your terms, always try to follow your crew’s lead.

Doing this won’t only enhance your chances of survival but will also prevent your crew from suspecting that you’re the imposter and ultimately vote you out.

If no one in your team understands the importance of working together, try to standout and lead the way!

Convince your crew to stay in one larger group or two or three smaller groups.

This way, you’ll able to notice any strange behavior and movement and identify the Imposter within your crew more.

Complete Tasks to prove your innocence
Anyone in the crew can turn out to be the imposter unless they’ve proven their innocence. You’ll have to do so likewise.

To prove your innocence, you’ll have to complete certain tasks including, Clear Asteroids in Weapons, Prime Shields in Shields, Storage Garbage Task, and Submit Scan in Medbay.

Try to do these tasks with the crewmates who’ve proven themselves innocent following the same procedure as they’ll protect you from the Imposter.

Completion of these tasks will prompt an animation that will prove your innocence.

Understand the Vent System
Vent-openings are essentially shortcuts from one room to another which are mostly used by the Imposters.

The catch here is using the knowledge of the Vent System.

If you see a player behind you at one moment and in front of you in the next, it means that player is most certainly the Imposter.

Try to stay away from the vents if you don’t want to end up in a predicament.

Suspicious Behavior
Imposters, the amateur ones, exhibit suspicious behavior from time to time during the gameplay.

For instance, instead of running to the sabotaged areas, they tend to head away from them.

In some cases, you’ll notice that when a crewmember of your crew tries to swipe the card, the task won’t show.

That simply means whoever swiped the card is the Imposter. Usually, only the inexperienced Imposters get caught this easy.

Use the Emergency Meeting Function wisely!
You can call the Emergency Meeting in case you believe that there’s an impending danger for you and your team or when you’re sure that you know the identity of the imposter.

You only get to call this meeting once.

So, instead of abusing this function which may irritate your crew members, use it only when you have to!

One thing that you should ask or yourself before you get into the game, am I here for the fun or to try hard and win? If your answer is the former, simply don’t join.

You will only be getting in the way of and wasting the time of the players who are actually trying their level best ace the match.

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