Amazon PS5 Wall Mounts Now Available For Pre-Order, Coming November 19

Amazon has recently put up a listing on its website that’s offering PS5 wall mounts for pre-order. While there’s no actual image for them, the item will be released on November 19. This is another possible big hint as to when the Playstation 5 will actually be coming out in the future.

This is the third such hint about the Playstation 5 release date we’ve gotten in the past few weeks, including several days ago when Sony filed a trademark for a Playstation 5 tagline. This morning, Microsoft also confirmed the existence of the “Xbox Series S”, a smaller, cheaper, but no less powerful version of the Xbox Series X.

While the release date for the wall mounts isn’t a confirmation, it would make sense for such a thing to come out around the same time as the actual console, possibly a few days before or after. But, if you’re actually in the market for a wall mount, the Amazon PS5 wall mounts apparently have you covered.

According to the store listing, the mount is designed to allow you to put your console anywhere while not blocking any of the console’s entrances. It also helps with cooling all around the console by tilting slightly away from the wall, rather than being parallel to the whole thing. It’s also comprised of three parts that help to keep the console stable.

With the new shape of the Playstation 5 appearing to be more suited to standing upright rather than on its side like previous consoles to help with cooling, a stand is probably the perfect way to keep them upright while also helping to save space, if your entertainment center or other place you ordinarily put your consoles doesn’t have the room.

Either way, again, the Amazon PS5 wall mounts will be available on November 19, and are available for pre-order if you’re looking to optimize your gaming space.