Tormented Souls Interview: Weapons, Limited Resources, Combat, Enemies, & More

Tormented Souls intends to revitalize survival horror classics like the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and prove that the old formula can still work today.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer Dual Effect Games, led by the brotherly twins Gabriel and German Araneda, shared some insight on how exactly Tormented Souls will deliver when the game releases somewhere in 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

How many staffers are working on the game at present? Until last year, development was said to be being led by the brotherly duo Gabriel and German Araneda in Chile.

At the moment we are about ten people. My brother and I are the directors and the Tormented Souls concept creators, we are the writers, the game designers and artists too. We have some artists working with us and a musician. We have partnered up with Abstract Digital, a small developers company that now is taking care of programming, they have been very supportive and help us a lot to keep us real with this project and to not go too much out of control with the features. Finally we have partnered with PQube, they are taking care of everything that has to do with Publishing so we can focus entirely on the development of the game, we really appreciate that.

How many more weapons will be there besides the nail gun, and will there be traditionally weaponry like a good old fashioned shotgun?

We are not sure how many yet, but definitely more than just the nailgun. We have a kind of shotgun, which is actually a hand made shotgun. We don’t want our character to go full commando so we are giving her weapons that don’t feel overpower.

What kind of combat will Tormented Souls have? Will players be better off using weapons to escape and survive horrors, or will there be enough ammo for shoot-outs?

Save munitions, recovery items and save tapes will always be a good idea since you´ll never know what kind of danger awaits you in the next corner and resources are not gonna be unlimited.

The half-naked wired enemy in the teaser trailer is the one who will be stalking players throughout the mansion, correct? Can you give any details about him? Does he have a name? Is he scripted to appear at certain points or randomly?

He is actually a random enemy, just a tough and dangerous one. He will appear in the game as a type of foe you can kill, we call them “BladeHands” very original. We have more foes too, like an old man with big claws chasing you in a wheelchair.

Can you tell us more about these time-traveling mirrors? What will they be used for and why?

Actually I can’t say much about it since it is strongly connected to the plot but I can tell you that you will be able to go through them and you´ll rather be at this side of the mirror.

Will there be multiple endings? How long will the game take on average to complete?

We definitely would like to have at least two endings, a good and a bad one so we can encourage players to put atencion to the plot and make the right choice at the end.

Did you guys face any challenges during the development of Nintendo Switch version of Tormented Souls? Will the handheld have any exclusive features?

The team are only in the very early stages of the porting process, so could not answer this – PQube

Last but not the least, there are so many Survival horror games out there. How does Tormented Souls Stand out?

Tormented Souls intends to take 90s survival horror games feeling rescuing features as fixed cameras, survival combat and puzzle resolving in order to progress in the game. We think this way of playing has been somehow forgotten but we are sure that out there are a lot of people, like us, thinking the old formula still works.

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