Sony: “No PS5-Related News” For The Next Week

Sony Interactive Entertainment will be doing new reveals and announcements for the next few days but for PlayStation VR, not PlayStation 5. The news will probably leave the next-generation fan-base extremely disappointed as almost everyone was expecting PS5 to be priced and dated with the start of the month.

According to the official PlayStation blog just now, Sony will begin a VR-focused week from today onwards during which “announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles” will be given over the course of the next few days. Thankfully though, or how players choose to look at it, Sony has confirmed that there “will be no PS5-related news” while the PS VR spotlight continues.

Furthermore, a special PS VR sale will be taking place during the promotional event as well. Games like Borderlands 2 VR, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, Superhot VR, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, among others, will be available at a discounted price for a limited time. The sale will run from September 9 to September 23, which has many people wondering if Sony plans to get back to PS5 after that. That may not necessarily be true.

Sony has only confirmed that the PS VR-focused spotlight will continue for a few days. Even if the entire week is taken into account, that will still leave Sony to follow up with PS5 reveals and announcements from the middle of the month. The next-generation console has been slated for a November launch and yet, PS5 remains without a price reveal. There are also other aspects that Sony needs to touch upon such as showing off the new dashboard and user interface, tearing down the hardware and console, and importantly, penning down a launch lineup.

Assuming that November ends up being the launch month, PS5 has now officially become the most delayed PlayStation console in history when it comes to being priced. All of the previous consoles, PS4 included, were never priced so close to launch—roughly three months before the holiday season.

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