PS5 To Be Compatible With PS Vita, Suggests New Patent

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has filed all sorts of patents in the past year or so for both PlayStation 5 and DualSense. Granted that not every patented technology will see the light of day but they do offer a glimpse into what Sony has been thinking for a next-generation future. Hence, it comes as mighty strange that PS5 might be compatible with PlayStation Vita.

It becomes even stranger. According to a recently published patent, PS5 might even be compatible with the long-deceased PlayStation Portable. The filing featured an image (via Game Rant) to show various accessories and peripherals that will (or may be) compatible with PS5. They included the likes of PlayStation VR, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move, DualShock 4, and such; all of which Sony has already confirmed to be compatible with the upcoming new console. However, the image also contained PSP, while PS Vita was mentioned by name in the patent to be somehow compatible with PS5.

It will be pretty unlikely of Sony to expect players to start digging up their handhelds. PS Vita was discontinued in 2019 but the handheld console was considered dead a long time ago. The immensely popular PSP on the other hand was discontinued back in 2005. Hence, there should be no reason for anyone to expect PS5 to be feature support for either PS Vita or PSP.

The filing, at least the part of PS Vita and PSP, might have been done in error. Either that or as some believe, the inclusion of the handhelds might be pointing towards remote capabilities of PS5. There is also the minuscule chance that Sony has been hiding a new handheld console, which in all fairness would be impossible.

SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan stated just last December that “PS Vita was brilliant in many ways, and the actual gaming experience was great, but clearly it’s a business that we’re no longer in now,” which basically ascertained that Sony has left the handheld market. Hence, there is no way that Sony will be announcing a PS Vita 2 any time soon.

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