Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Tips

If you’ve completed the campaign of Marvel’s Avengers and are confused on where to go from here, we’ve prepared this guide containing all the tips you need to know about the endgame content in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Tips

After you finish the entire campaign, the endgame content of the game will be unlocked. This is where you’ll realize that the campaign was only the tip of the iceberg.

To get an idea of how much content there’s left to explore, look at your character’s level after you finish the campaign. It’ll likely be around 15.

The max level your character can reach is 50, so there are a lot more things left to do as we will explain below in these Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Tips.

The Endgame Content

The endgame content brings new Avengers Initiative Missions, including War Zones and Drop Zones challenges, faction missions, character-specific missions and new HARM Room challenges.

These new missions will be catered towards multiplayer, so they’ll be quite difficult if you attempt them solo with your AI teammates.

You’ll also keep getting daily missions from your faction leaders where you’ll fight more powerful versions of the bosses that you fought during the campaign.

War Zones and Drop Zones

War Zones and Drop Zones are missions which are made specifically for multiplayer.

These missions will take the Avengers through some new storylines where you’ll have to complete several objectives.

War Zones are relatively long mission scenarios. You’ll be given a set of objectives that you’ll need to complete to reach the end of the mission. These missions can even have boss battles.

Drop Zones are basically the shorter version of War Zones. Instead of having multiple objectives, they’re based around one single objective that you need to complete to finish the mission.

Vault and Hive Missions

The endgame content will also introduce you to some new missions called the Vault and Hive missions.

You can unlock a Vault mission by finding a Shield Cache during your playthrough of another mission.

The aim of the Vault mission is to fight your way through swarms of enemies to be rewarded with a bundle of loot for your character.

In the Hive and Mega Hive missions, you’ll also fight through swarms of enemies, but you’ll have to complete several objectives along the way.

Secret Lab Missions

The Secret Lab Missions are the most difficult missions available in the game.

In these missions, you’ll team up with players online and venture through a dungeon where you’ll have to fight really difficult enemies and solve puzzles along the way.

The Secret Lab missions are available for a short period of time per week and require you to have a power level of 150 to be able to enter.

Endgame Tips

Max Out Your Main
When you start playing the endgame content, the first thing you need to do is to start leveling up your main character.

Making your main character as powerful as possible will help you out a lot with grinding through the endgame content.

If you’re still not sure what character you should main first, go into the HARM Room and play with each character to see who you perform the best with.

After you max out the character you chose as your main, move on to a different character and start leveling them up as well. In this way, you’ll eventually max out your whole team.

This will allow you to play the multiplayer challenges solo, accompanied by your maxed-out, AI-controlled, team.

Use Resources Effectively
You’ll want to use your resources only when you actually have to. This means that if you’ve hit a plateau in your progression, or are unable to progress forward due to high power level requirements, this is when you’ll want to use the resources that you’ve been stacking up.

Play Missions on Max Difficulty
The quality of the loot you get from a mission is influenced by what difficulty you’re playing the mission on.

If you play missions on the highest difficulty, you’ll get items that are about 10 power levels above the power level of your equipped character. Meanwhile, the items given by the lower difficulties are only 2 levels above.

The tip here is that, when you reach the end-game, you’ll want to play missions on their highest difficulty to maximize the quality of the loot you get.

This will also help you level up your avengers to the maximum power level of 300 much quicker.

Explore Everything
Exploring is a very important aspect of the endgame content as it’ll allow you to acquire some powerful loot that you can’t get by playing the mission objective-wise.

While playing the War Zones, feel free to momentarily ignore the objective so you can go out and explore the map.

There’s so much EXP, loot and resources to be obtained through looting.

Max Out the Skill Menu
Finishing the campaign will unlock the third skill menu of your character, which contains even more powerful buffs.

Keep adding skill points to the mastery tree as you level up. By the time you hit level 50, the entire skill menu should be maxed out.

The skill menu will help you out a lot with the endgame content as it’ll give some much-needed stat boosts to your character.

You should also start experimenting with the different skills available in the skill menu.

Try out different combinations of skills and attributes to see which one works best for your character.

Attempt All the Missions
If you want to level up your characters as fast as possible, then make sure to attempt every single one of the missions available.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Drop Zone, War Zone, Secret Lab Mission, Faction mission, Hive or Vault Mission, you need to attempt it.

The more missions you complete, the more loot you’ll get and the faster your character will level up.

If you’re stuck on a mission, you can also replay a previous mission on a higher difficulty to get better loot.