NBA 2K21 Stephen Curry Build Guide

NBA 2K21 offers a MyPlayer Builder that you may use to create your ideal player. In this guide for NBA 2K21 Stephen Curry build, we’ll show you how you can make one of the better builds for the NBA.

NBA 2K21 Stephen Curry Build

Stephen Curry is considered to be one of the more OP builds of NBA 2K21. Your best aspect is Shooting and Playmaking. His high speed complements his aggressive play-style.

For this build we won’t be focusing too much on his defensive abilities, and make sure he can tear the opponents a new one in their part of the court.

Let’s see how we can build Stephen Curry in MyPlayer Builder.

Physical Profile

Our very own ‘Stephen Curry’ will be advancing on the front lines and keeping the pressure on the opposition. If done right, he’ll be the top scorer of your team.

Keeping all of those variables in mind, we have to make sure our character excels in Speed and Acceleration. With great speed, he’ll be able to dominate the front without too much difficulty.


For Skill Breakdown, we’ll be selecting the pie chart that equally divides our Shooting and Playmaking skills, and contributes to a smaller but equal portion of Defense/Rebound and Finishing.

Using this breakdown, Stephen Curry will be able to make a lot of shots, and have a higher probability of actually making baskets.

Considering our Physical Profile just made Stephen Curry fast as hell, this only makes the build even more formidable.


By now, it should be obvious what we’re going to be focusing on for our potential. Max out your Agility so you can have the highest Speed and Acceleration.

There’s no need to go for Vertical or Strength. Make those baskets from a little bit of distance, and you’re golden.

Invest your points into Close Shot, and Driving Layup first-off.

Secondly, you can upgrade Driving Dunk and Standing Dunk to be closer to Curry.

The points should look something like this.

  • Close Shot – 82
  • Driving Layup – 80
  • Driving Dunk – 61
  • Standing Dunk – 48

For the Shooting attribute, max out everything except the Post Fade.

  • Mid-Range Shot – 90
  • Three-Point Shot – 87
  • Free Throw – 90
  • Post Fade – 51

For Playmaking,

  • Pass Accuracy – 88
  • Ball Handle – 87
  • Post Moves – 44

For Defense/Rebound max out your Perimeter Defense, Lateral Quickness and Steal.

  • Perimeter Defense – 75
  • Lateral Quickness – 75
  • Steal – 80

Body Shape

Use the following attributes for your physique to create the perfect Stephen Curry,

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 170
  • Wingspan: 75
  • Takeover: Shot Creator