Xbox Series X Price To Be $600, Suggests Pringles Promotion

Since Microsoft continues to shy away from confirming how much an Xbox Series X will cost, fans have taken to other means to estimate or guess how large a hole will they be burning into their pockets this holiday season.

Earlier today, Pringles was noticed (via Critical Hit) to have been promoting a contest in South Africa for the chance of winning an Xbox Series X console as well as Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. One customer went ahead to read the fine print which apparently mentioned both the number of consoles being given away and the estimated value of those consoles. Hence, using simple maths to calculate the price of a single Xbox Series X from the entire lot.

The final price tag comes to around $800 but South Africa has a much higher retail pricing for electronics compared to other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. By accounting for the parity in regional pricing recorded over recent years, an Xbox Series X comes to about $600 in the United States.

It needs to be pointed out that next-generation consoles have already been established to be a very expensive affair. Several analysts have set $500 as a threshold where an Xbox Series X, as well as PlayStation 5 for that matter, might cost $50 more or less. The understanding being that anything more such as $600 would be disastrous to say the least.

This is why many believe Microsoft and Sony have been delaying the price reveals for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. That both console manufacturers are waiting for the other to make the first move. However, with the intended November launch month right around the corner, the time to start taking pre-orders is here. September should be when the official pricing gets announced for both next-generation consoles.

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