Next Hello Games Project Is Just As Big As No Man’s Sky, Just As Ambitious

Hello Games is mostly known these days for No Man’s Sky, an open-world space sim that started off on rocky footing but became an actual good game after the studio addressed its biggest flaws. Now, it seems like the studio is ready to move on to the next Hello Games project.

While we don’t know anything about it currently, we do know that it’s apparently just as big and ambitious as No Man’s Sky was. Considering No Man’s Sky’s size, being a mathematically-generated extremely large universe, there’s no telling how big this game will be.

The last game that Hello Games released was The Last Campfire, a small and adorable adventure game that was made by only three people in the studio. Other devs on the 26-strong team will still be working on No Man’s Sky. This new project, however, will be the next really big game after No Man’s Sky that Hello Games has worked on.

The studio also will be applying lessons that they learned from the release of No Man’s Sky when speaking about the next Hello Games project in the future. This includes the various amounts of promises during the game’s multiple E3 showings that weren’t initially part of the game.

These games included space battles, the ability to interact with other players in a galaxy that was being explored by many people besides you, a galaxy rich in biodiversity, and more, much of which ended up being added in the game as part of its multiple updates.

It’s more than likely that the next Hello Games project will be sure to temper its expectations and promotions a bit, along with likely waiting to show off anything until it’s actually ready to show to avoid another huge PR backlash. In the meantime, you can currently play No Man’s Sky on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, along with The Last Campfire on the same consoles plus Nintendo Switch.