Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.05 Fixes The Chimera Bug

Marvel’s Avengers has received a minor patch following its official release earlier today. While the complete patch notes have still not been made public, developer Crystal Dynamics is said to have fixed at least one crucial bug.

According to a thread on Reddit, the new update 1.05 fixes the Chimera bug which was preventing players from making any further progress. Without delving into any spoilers, the Chimera serves as a mobile base of operations in Marvel’s Avengers but was bugging out at a specific point in the narrative. Many players reported that they were spawning beneath the helicarrier and hence, were unable to make any progress. That bug has now been confirmed to be fixed.

Unfortunately though, there are a few other major bugs in the game that remain to be addressed. For whatever reason, Marvel’s Avengers either removes costumes at random or locks them again after they have been earned. The problem is reportedly pretty wide spread and Crystal Dynamics has been urged to release a fix as soon as possible. Those who have already updated to the new 1.05 patch have confirmed that the buggy costumes are still there.

It appears that the minor patch, weighing in at just 90MB, was specifically sent out to fix the Chimera bug alone. Though the patch does highlight “various bug fixes and improvements” to be included as well. Crystal Dynamics will have to share the complete patch notes for players to ascertain the quoted fixes and improvements.

Marvel’s Avengers have now assembled across all supported platforms following a beta that publisher Square Enix recently revealed to have been the most downloaded beta in the history of PlayStation 4. Crystal Dynamics, on the other hand, looks to have its hands full. The developer will continue to crunch patches and updates for Marvel’s Avengers but has apparently also started working on a new triple-a project as revealed through recent job listings. The only thing known for the time being is that multiplayer will be a large focus.

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