The Marvel’s Avengers Beta Was Most-Downloaded Beta In PS4 History

The day has almost arrived and the Avengers are assembling, since the Marvel’s Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics releases tomorrow on all platforms. However, the game was already making waves when it first got into its beta phase; apparently, the Marvel’s Avengers beta was the most downloaded beta in PS4 history. Square Enix announced the achievement on Twitter.

Marvel’s Avengers takes place in its own continuity, where a sudden attack rom a new threat puts Earth in need of its mightiest heroes once again. However, the Avengers must first set aside their differences and get back together.

The beta, on every single platform combined that it was announced for, had over six million people download and play it. All told, 27 million cumulative hours were spent in the game. Despite Square Enix’s claim of it being the biggest beta in the PS4’s history though, we don’t know the exact numbers.

Either way, considering the way that the game’s hype level has somewhat fluctuated since its announcement at last year’s E3, the fact that the Marvel’s Avengers beta was such a huge success is a welcome sign, especially considering how Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 disappointed many Marvel fans.

The various other Marvel superheroes that have been confirmed to appear in the game have also helped the game to step up in the community’s eyes. Yesterday, it was announced that Hawkeye’s protege Kate Bishop would be the game’s first DLC hero, with Kamala Khan and (possibly) Carol Danvers coming later.

There’s no telling what other heroes and references to Marvel comics will be coming to the game in the future, but for now it’s good to see that the Marvel’s Avengers beta has apparently translated into the game doing quite well for itself.

The game will be available tomorrow, September 4, on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be available on next-gen consoles as well during the holiday season.