Project Cars 3 Best Starter Cars Guide

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about picking the best starter cars in Project Cars 3 so you have an easy early game experience.

Project Cars 3 as compared to the previous game is very user friendly. This game provides plenty of options to the player in the world of racing.

While playing this game, one of the toughest jobs is to select a starter car. To pick the starter car, players need to keep many things in mind so they can save enough money to buy a brand new car for them.

Project Cars 3 Best Starter Cars

The players will be given 30,000 credits to buy a starter car for them. They are going to stick to this car from the start of the game.

Since this is going to be their only ride that’s why this car is very important.

You can choose from the Cars given below.

2013 Toyota GT-86
This car speed and acceleration are the lowest of the available cars. However, it is quite stable which makes it an ideal choice for newcomers to driving.

This car is a rear-wheel-drive with a small turn radius. This car is not very good on the roads.

1999 Mitsubishi Lancer
This car has good acceleration with a good turn radius. It is a four-wheel drive. It loses control when brakes are hit hard. Since it is a four-wheel-drive it is good during sliding.

This car handling can be improved with upgrades. This car is very dynamic and flexible of all. This car is good for the new drivers coming to this game.

2016 Honda Civic Type R
This car is the fastest of all but the braking is not that good. This car is a front-wheel-drive which is great with turns and slides out from the back end.

While using this car you wouldn’t be able to reach the top speed because you will lose control.

Its handling isn’t that great and it is not as flexible as other cars. You have to be gentle while driving this car.


Selecting a starter depends on how you want to play this game.

From the three given cars if you want to drive simply you should go with Toyota. Because it is a good option if you want to avoid accidents.

However, it wouldn’t be the best option to develop your skills. But this car is cheap and lefts you with a lot of cash to buy upgrades.

The Honda is better than average for players who need to drift but the handling is not good.

It will take some time for the players to adjust. If the track is straight and long this is the best car for you.

This car doesn’t leave you with enough credits to buy upgrades so you have to win a race to buy some credits.

Mitsubishi is the best option for available cars. Its handling is very good which makes it the best option for drifting. If you love off-roading this a great option for you as well.

For straight driving, this is not a good option because its speed lacks and you need to upgrade it.

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