Marvel’s Avengers To Tame a Titan Chests Locations

In this, To Tame a Titan Chest Locations guide we will discuss the locations of all the chests that are present in this mission of Marvel’s Avengers.

There are a total of nine chests in this mission and we will discuss the whole walkthrough from one chest to the next. Let’s get started:

Marvel’s Avengers To Tame a Titan Chests Locations

These chest locations will be explained in the form of a walkthrough; i.e. one continuous path for all the chests.

Before getting started keep in mind that some of these chests may be behind a locked door that opens by either punching, shooting, or standing on a switch.

The chest in this mission may contain collectibles, comics, gear, or artifacts. The gear and artifact will help you increase your power up quicker.

The location of some chests can be a little different. If you don’t find the chest in the mentioned location, explore the area around it and you will find it.

If you play as Iron Man, getting anywhere will not be a problem, as you can just fly wherever you want.

Let’s take a look at the locations.

Chest no. 1
When the mission starts you will go straight from the helipad and towards the marker.

You will need to go inside the base and the first chest will on a ledge on the right side.

Chest no. 2
Move on to the next marker and use the control panel there to open the door and go in.

Fly towards the next marker on the right and you will find multiple switches in the corridors that will open the locked doors.

You have to stand on those switches and you will get to a control room that has a glass floor. Blast that floor to go on the lower level where the chest is on the left side.

Chest no. 3
There is another chest at the same level at a different platform behind the last one.

Chest no. 4
This one is on the right of the previous one down below, in front of a screen.

Now fly up and get out of there the same way you came in.

Chest no. 5
Head to the next marker and you will come across a large hall.

The chest is above on the right side beside a table in the corner.

Chest no. 6
For this chest turn around from the previous chest and follow the marker.

This one will be next to a control panel when you cross the door the comes when you turn back.

Chest no. 7
Head straight from the previous chest towards the marker and turn into the left corridor.

Head straight and when you get to the room with the jumbotron-like-screen on top, turn right.

You will find a chest there.

Chest no. 8
Head back to the marker and use the panel to start the elevator.

You will be able to head outside now.

Follow the marker and you will find the chest inside a large metal container.

Chest no. 9
For the last chest, you will have to head back while following the marker and you will find the chest along a wall on the right side.

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