Marvel’s Avengers To Stand Alone Walkthrough

This Marvel’s Avengers To Stand Alone Walkthrough will help you recover every Inhuman back along with all the collectibles you can find throughout the hero mission To Stand Alone.

Due to the Avengers interference, the Inhumans are now at risk to be transported to another unknown facility.

Marvel’s Avengers To Stand Alone

Enter the Training Area
To start off  To Stand Alone, Kamala will hear an explosion from the training area.

Head to the marked location to find Inferno; that’s right, THE Inferno practicing his fire abilities albeit a bit handicapped.

Once you have a heart-to-heart conversation with him, Kamala will be inclined to talk to Bruce in order to save the prisoners before they’re relocated.

Talk to Bruce
Tell Bruce regarding the new info that AIM plans to move the Inhumans to a new location.

After a heated conversation, Kamala decides to set her eyes on the mission alone.

Sneak out of the Ant Hill
Kamala’s hero instincts will not let her idle by as Inhumans are relocated to God knows where.

Attempt to sneak out of the Ant Hill to pursue your mission. Talk to Theo on your way out to get some new gear (Not that helpful, but gear nonetheless).

Head to Aim’s Prison
On your way to the prison, keep your eye on the left, as you can find a chest on the hill-top.

Continue to parkour your way through to the prison by swinging onto the branches to get from one point to the other.

After jumping across a large gap by swinging on a tree branch. Jump the next gap ahead and break the wall to find gear and a lore-piece.

Continue through the main path from the heart of the mountain where you’ll find more gear.

Exit the hill from the other end, and you’ll find the AIM Prison Facility. Avoid detection at all costs.

Sneak in through the back of the Prison
Time to stealth your way through the guards and get to the Inhuman prisoners in the back.

Towards the very back of the prison, you can climb onto a ledge to find additional gear pieces for Kamala.

Head down to the main courtyard of the facility and open the main door. As soon as you interact with the door, you’ll be ambushed by a bunch of Synthoids.

Should be easy enough to take out, so go crazy with the combos and teach ‘em a lesson. Don’t forget to use Embiggen in the later waves of the ambush!

Kamala will eventually pass out and wake up in the Dr’s domain. From this point on you will have control of Black Widow.

Sneak through the maintenance corridors of AIM’s Prison
Head through the linear path and make your way through the facility. To your right, on top of the platform you’ll find a lootable chest with gear.

Continue through the hallway and climb the platform top-left. Step on the pressure plate to reveal a hidden wall.

Use the terminal to open the door for your path forward. Jump down into the room with the adaptoids.

Find Kamala
Kamala’s in serious danger, and you need to get to her before anyone has a chance to harm her.

Search the room with the adaptoids for lore-pieces and a chest located underground.

Moving forward you’ll see the Dr. taking Kamala away. Continue to complete the different objectives until you reach the lab.

Access the terminal when ready and get ready for a fight.

Defeat the Security Units
You’re up against Stiletto Riotbots now. Try to get behind them whenever you can, and avoid being hit by their front charge attack.

The other units that attempt to fight you should be easy enough to kill; they’re your standard run of the mill enemies.

Nothing you haven’t dealt with a thousand times before.

Head for the Prison’s Security Control Room
Go to the control room only to step into another ambush. Deal with the shielded enemies using heavy attacks, and the synthoids with your basic attacks.

Use the console to release the Inhumans.

Use the elevator, to run into an adaptoid. This enemy will be able to regenerate its HP, and uses a very powerful front laser attack.

Make sure you consistently deal out damage to avoid any setbacks.

Go to the Hangar
Make your way to the hangar by platforming through the boxes. Pick up any loot you find along the way.

There’s a hidden cache to be found to your right as you make your way through, keep your eyes open.

Defeat AIM’s security forces
Once again, you find yourself opposing an adaptoid and Stilettos supporting it.

This fight’s a bit tougher since the onslaught of attacks from the 3 bots can get overwhelming pretty quick.

Try to separate them up and take them down individually. If you’re too close to all three of them at once, you’ll lose health very quickly.

Repeat this strategy for all waves.

Stop Monica
The showdown between Black Widow and Monica. Monica Rappaccini has taken the liberty to make use of an exo-suit to fight you back.

She’s aggressive and will not give you any space to heal or recover. You’ll find yourself often attacked by various Synthoids while Monica recovers from the damage you deal to her.

This is probably a better time than any to go all out with your abilities against Monica.

After defeating Monica, you will have successfully saved all the Inhumans. Kamala saved the day!