Marvel’s Avengers Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for some useful tips and tricks for Marvel’s Avengers that will help you out with quickly progressing through the story and increasing your power level, we’ve prepared this guide with all the tips and tricks you need to know to do so.

Marvel’s Avengers Tips and Tricks

Tweak These Settings

The first setting you need to tweak is the ‘Shake Sensitivity’ present in the Camera section of the settings menu. Turn this setting all the way down to zero.

The next setting to turn off is Motion Blur, which can be found in the Graphics section of the settings menu.

No matter what platform you’re on, turning off these two settings will make your gameplay experience much more enjoyable because it’ll make the gameplay seem significantly smoother and crispier, instead of the shaky/blurry mess it otherwise is with these settings turned on.

If you’re on PC, navigate to the Key Binding category in the settings menu and change the Aim Mode to ‘Hold’, Run Mode to ‘Toggle’ and Defense Mode to ‘Hold’ as well.

This should be done for the following reasons:

  • Changing the Aim Mode to Hold will make it easier to cancel your attack and evade.
  • Run Mode will make it easier to dodge with characters like Thor and Iron Man
  • Since the Defense Mode is also your parry button, timing your parries will become much easier if you put it on Hold. Also, it’ll allow you to manage your Intrinsic Power much more efficiently.

Learn to Dodge and Parry

Learning how to properly parry and dodge is a fundamental part of combat. If you’re using a controller, you can dodge with Circle and parry with R2.

If you’re using a keyboard, you can dodge with Ctrl and parry with Q.

To parry and dodge properly, you have to keep an eye out for the circle which appears around the head of an enemy as they’re about to land an attack on you. You have to parry/dodge, right after that circle appears.

The circle goes through 4 colors: White, Blue, Yellow and Red.

If it’s on any of the first three colors, you can land a dodge or parry successfully. On red, you can only perform a dodge, as it’s too late now to parry.

If the circle disappears before you hit the button, your parry/dodge will fail and the opponent will land their attack on you.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Loot

How fast you can progress in this game is pretty much determined by what kind of loot you have.

What skills you can use are determined by your skill tree, but how you use these skills is fully up to your gear.

There are a multitude of ways to get loot. You can get it by killing enemies, exploring the world, completing missions, opening chests etc.

The loot you get will always be applied to the character you’re using for the mission.

The loot you get in the game has a rarity to it, which can range anywhere from Common to Legendary.

The importance of acquiring and upgrading gear in this game cannot be stressed enough. Even if you’re just starting out, keep upgrading your gear as you obtain it.

Level Up Your Rank with Factions

As you play through the main story campaign of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll encounter and work with multiple factions throughout the game’s world.

Leveling up your ranks with these factions is a very important aspect of the game because these factions can provide you with some really useful gear and items.

To rank up with a faction, interact with the faction coordinator and complete the assignments they give you.

It’s very easy to complete them as they’re just basic objectives which can be completed while playing through any mission.

The factions also give you a mission which resets every day. This mission is a really high-level villain sector which rewards you with a ton of EXP for your faction rank, accompanied by some other decent loot.

Another way of racking up faction EXP which you might not know about is by saving the caged Inhumans on the map during your missions.

While playing through the game’s mission, you might get a NPC rescue side-objective. All you need to do for this objective is to break the NPC free from the cell. Doing so will reward you with some decent faction EXP.

Play on the Max Mission Difficulty to Get Better Loot

The quality of the loot you get from a mission is influenced by what difficulty you’re playing the mission on.

If you play missions on the highest difficulty, you’ll get items that are about 10 power levels above the power level of your equipped character. Meanwhile, the items given by the lower difficulties are only 2 levels above.

The tip here is that, when you reach the end-game, you’ll want to play missions on their highest difficulty to maximize the quality of the loot you get.

This will also help you level up your avengers to the maximum power level of 300 much quicker.

Remember to Explore

On the topic of loot, don’t overlook the side-objectives in this game. Exploration is key when it comes to finding better loot.

While playing through a mission, press V on your keyboard or the up arrow on your controller to go into the tactical awareness mode. This will allow you to see all the side-objectives present in the area.

These side-objectives don’t really take much time to do and they reward you with some awesome loot so you shouldn’t hesitate on completing them.

Complete the Hero Challenge Card

Each character will start out with a free Hero Challenge Card which will reward you some items and credits, that can then be used to buy the next Hero Challenge Card.

There are 40 levels to the Hero Challenge Cards of a character.

You have to complete a set of daily and weekend challenges to complete the card. The challenges are very simple side-objectives, similar to the faction assignments.

It takes about 3 weeks or so to complete all the cards of a character and the higher-level cards will reward you with some Epic or Legendary outfits, cosmetics, gear bundles and other items.

Max Out Your Entire Team

The whole point of this game is to assemble a team and make them more powerful as a unit, instead of just focusing on one character.

If you want to level up the one character who you wish to use as your main, that’s perfectly fine. However, after a while, you’ll have to focus on all the other teammates as well.

If only one avenger is powerful while others lag behind, completing late-game missions will become very difficult.

Best Skills

While you are free to play and level up whichever character you like and upgrade them however you want, there some skills that will serve you well.

Miss Marvel: The ‘Fists of Justice’ skill provides you with some great base damage, coupled with some impressive shield damage which breaks the target’s defenses.

Hulk: The ‘Tectonic Fury’ skill has great damage and AoE and can be tied with a lot of elemental damage. When you use this skill, you can keep chaining on the attacks five more times by pressing Triangle/Y.

Iron Man: The ‘Whirling Tempest’ skill has insane range and AoE damage. This skill will slice up all the enemies around you and break their shields. The trick is to use it when you’re being attacked by a swarm of enemies, which happens often in this game.

Black Widow: ‘Night Watch’ might not deal as much AoE damage as the other abilities, but it’s stun and defense-breaking capabilities, accompanied by some good damage makes it a really powerful skill.