Marvel’s Avengers Out of The Shadows Chest Locations

In this, Out of the Shadows Chest Locations guide we will discuss the locations of all the chests that are present in this mission of Marvel’s Avengers.

There are a total of eleven chests in this mission and this walkthrough will take you from one chest to the next with brief details. Let’s get started.

Marvel’s Avengers Out of The Shadows Chest Locations

This walkthrough will take you across the whole map in one continuous path that covers all the chests.

Before diving into it keep in mind that some of these chests might be hidden behind a locked door that requires a specific action like shooting, punching, or standing on a switch to unlock the said chest.

The chests in this mission may contain comics, collectibles, gear, or artifacts.

The gear and artifacts are important if you want to level up your power much faster.

In this mission, we will be using Thor to collect all the chests except the second-last chest (the 10th chest) which requires either Iron Man or Black Widow to interact with a special switch.

Let’s take a look at the chest locations:

Chest# 1
When the mission starts you will fly towards the left side of the map until you see a Prime Adept Synthoid with a marker on him.

He will be in an area with Trees that have Platforms on them.

Defeat the Prime Adept Synthoid and he will drop chest loot.

Chest# 2
Now, look up towards one of the platforms of these trees. You will see the second chest there.

Chest# 3
Now start flying towards your objective (which is at the right side of the map). Keep flying until you can reach a road.

Your objective will be on the left but you have to follow the road towards the right side until you reach a locked door with a switch in front.

Stand on that switch to open the door. The chest will be directly in front of you.

Chest# 4
Head outside the room and climb the platform that is directly in front of the previous room. You can find a chest on this platform.

Chest# 5
Now start flying towards your objective by following the same road. Once you cross the gates of the facility you will see a single-story building. Land on the right side of this building and there will be a chest in front of you.

Chest# 6
Start flying towards your main objective and you will see a truck parked in a workshop. You will see a chest with a marker on it next to a fan on the right corner of this workshop.

Chest# 7
Look left after collecting the previous chest and you will see another truck parked in the same area.

This chest is next to a generator on the right side of the truck.

Chest# 8
In the same area, you will see a container with a Yellow Radio Active sticker on it. The chest is on the right side of this container.

Chest# 9

Now start flying deeper into the facility and you will see some tanks and a building on your right side with the AIM logo on it. This building requires you to punch four switches.

There are two switches on the ground level (one on each side of the door) and two on the first floor (one on each side of the door).

After punching all the switches, they will turn green and the door on the ground level will open.

Go inside and the chest will be in the far-left corner of the room.

( You can also destroy the silver crates on the right of the chest to gather some additional resources)

Chest# 10
Go outside and fly to the other side of the same building. You will see an Access Terminal which can only be accessed by either Iron Man or Black Widow.

We switched to Iron Man and accessed the terminal. The door on the right opens and the chest is directly in front.

Chest# 11
To get the last chest head outside and look towards the right side of this building and you will see a tower with two platforms. The last chest is on the upper platform of this tower.

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