Marvel’s Avengers Once an Avenger Walkthrough

In this guide for Marvel’s Avengers Once an Avenger, we will walk you through the entirety of Once an Avenger, and show you how you can take back control of the Chimera from the attacking forces of AIM.

Marvel’s Avengers Once an Avenger

Monica was extracted from the Inhumans’ experimentation facility. It’s up to Bruce to interrogate her in order to find the location of the remaining Inhumans.

All was good until AIM decided to attack the Chimera to recover Dr. Monica.

Talk to Dr. Pym at the War Table
Have a conversation with Dr. Pym who will brief you regarding the mission at the War Table.

Next, prepare the interrogation room for Bruce to interrogate Monica.

Get to the Interrogation Room
The Interrogation Room can be found right next to the HARM room.

Wait for Bruce to enter the room and inquire Monica regarding the locations of the labs with the Inhumans.

Monica will refuse to share any information, and Bruce will become extremely unsettled with the conversation.

Follow Iron Man
The facility is under threat of attack by AIM’s forces.

Follow Iron Man to the action. Smash through the blocked door and start fighting off the Synthoids and AIM’s security units.

Make your way to the server room by swinging across the Helicarrier to protect JARVIS.

Start taking out all of the enemies to defend JARVIS. The fight in the server room is fairly simple, tear through all of your enemies until the Cryotonic Exo spawns in.

Activate Embiggen and wipe the floor with the Cryotonic bot. Clear out all the enemies and head to the main deck of the Helicarrier.

Return of the God of Thunder
And just like that, the son of Odin returns to Earth when the world needs him. Take control of Thor and use his Odinforce to defeat all enemies on the Helicarrier.

Start destroying all of AIM’s machines that are damaging the Chimera’s hull. You’ll find one initially, and a total of four more above the deck.

Your main focus should be taking out the drilling machines to complete your objective. Try to use combos with Thor to pile up as much damage as you can.

Avoid turret fire by using the dodge roll abilities. Also, make sure to target specific parts of the Dreadbots to significantly lower their health.

Summon the power of the Bifrost!
The fight can be brought to an amazing finish by using the power of the Bifrost to take down the final machine.

You will get the prompt to summon the power of the Bi-Frost which will bring the battle to a conclusion.

Power the Ship using Lightning
A QTE will initiate and you will have to give power to the power deprived Chimera.

Afterward, the team will gather in the Chimera to see the footage of Captain America destroying the reactor which triggered the then destructive event.