Marvel’s Avengers Modok Boss Guide

The final mission in Marvel’s Avengers is the MODOK boss fight at the Quarantine Zone. MODOK is on his evil plans to get rid of all the superheroes and control the world by himself.

Read our Marvel’s Avengers MODOK Boss Fight guide to know what to expect from the boss before you fight him on your own and how to beat him.

Marvel’s Avengers Modok Boss

The boss fight starts off when you reach the center of the quarantine zone while following signals from a beacon.

MODOK will then come out of his cave on his fully modified machine. Captain America will ask Tony to take out his thrusters while he is flying in the air.

Take Out the Thrusters
This will be your first objective while playing as the Iron Man. Take out the thrusters by shooting them with the Iron Man’s ranged attacks.

Look out for MODOK’s laser attacks and keep shooting the thrusters until you take out two of them.

A cutscene will start and MODOK will now be forced to the ground with only one of his thrusters working.

Destroy the Power Source
You will now play as Captain America. Throw your shield at the thruster to damage it while dodging MODOK attacks. You will need to jump over whenever he sweeps his arm across the platform.

Eventually, MODOK will fall to the ground for a short period. For this period, you’ll need to damage his power source as much as you can.

Repeat this process three times and MODOK’s defenses will be shattered.

Call the Bifrost Down On MODOK
But it is not over yet as MODOK will surround himself with a shield that cannot be broken in to.

The only way to counter this shield is to use Thor’s ultimate ability on him.

Now, you’ll play as Thor to defeat his adversaries until your Ultimate Heroic Ability is ready to use.

Get rid of the enemy bots by using your abilities and heavy attacks. When your Ultimate is ready, use it on MODOK.

This will initiate another cutscene where MODOK will now call his Kree Sentry.

Kree Sentry is the name of a giant robot that is MODOK’s evil creation. MODOK controls the robot using the headband that he wears on his huge head.

Help Ms. Marvel
But before you deal with MODOK, Ms. Marvel will be getting attacked by a huge crowd of bots and you’ll play as the Hulk to help her.

Smash the enemy bots until they are all defeated. Look out for the red bots because they will explode when they come near you.

Destroy MODOK’s crystals
When you’re done with the enemy bots, another cutscene will start as you’ll get struck by the Kree Sentry and Iron Man will be fighting it with Thor.

Captain America will then get captured by MODOK inside a huge purple spherical shield.

Your next objective is to shoot at the purple light on his head with help from Black Widow.

Use Black Widow’s pistol to destroy MODOK’s headband while dodging his bombs and missile rockets. Look out for his grenades that can make you stuck at the spot. When MODOK’s health bar is empty, Captain America will be freed from his shield and the Kree Sentry will shut down.

Reach Bruce Banner
Another cutscene will be shown where MODOK will go inside Kree Sentry and control him.

Hulk will then try to go near him but will be shot down by the laser from the robot’s eyes.

Hulk will be roaring with pain and you’ll have to help him as Kashmala Khan.

Make your way towards Hulk as fast as you can while jumping from one platform to another.

Ignore any other adversaries on the way and destroy the walls that will be blocking your way.

When you reach there, a cutscene will be shown where Kashmala Khan or Ms. Marvel will then use her ultimate ability.

Now there will be few quick-time interactions that you’ll have to do in order to defeat MODOK.

The last cutscene of the game will be played with the final game credits.

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