Marvel’s Avengers Agony and The Ant Hill Walkthrough

In this Marvel’s Avengers Agony and The Ant Hill guide, you’ll get to know the best approach towards completing this mission and defeating all the enemies including the Warbot boss at the end.

Marvel’s Avengers Agony and The Ant Hill

The mission begins with a cutscene in which Ironman is seen conversing with Natasha on their future tech communication system.

Board the Hypercircuit

Your aircraft will place you at Utah Badlands. Look out for a white circle, it will guide you through the way towards completing the objective.

On the map, you’ll see a white diamond(s). They’ll guide you towards your objective as well.

At the start, you need to move straight and take baby steps towards your objective.

While Crossing some mountains, you’ll reach a certain mountain that won’t be as high as the rest.

You’ll see purple colored sparks, just like fireworks, illuminating from some areas. Your enemies will pop up from those sparks.

After fighting some initial enemies like Elite Peacekeeper and Proto-Synthoids, you’ll move towards the right side where you’ll see AIM Headquarters.

On reaching there, you will face more enemies. As you fight, you will be given some perks such as healing power and invulnerability for a small amount of time and your skill points will also level up gradually.

You will also come across some crates on buildings that will give you resources.

The main building there will fire lasers from Turrets and you need to destroy those along with some other enemies.

After that, you need to destroy the power source located on a pillar, behind the building.

This will give you access to the building and you can then save the hostage inside.

However, you can’t destroy a power source without expecting any battle against the enemies.

After rescuing them, you will come across more opponents. Next, destroy the field’s power source a little further to the right.

On reaching the base, you will have to find a crate near the power source. It’ll have some special items in it that could be used to destroy the locked power source.

After destroying it, Hank PYM will come across some firewall issues while trying to hack the train.

At that time, you need to destroy some Peacekeepers. You will also come through some stronger Peacekeepers, named Adaptoid.

There’ll be times when you’ll have to combat with shield carrying enemies. These shields, however, could easily be destroyed.

Proceed to the Hypercircuit

As you defeat all rivals and PYM hacks the train, you then need to follow the diamond marker.

At the moment it will be pointing upwards. head over to the location and use Hypercircuit.

Retrieve PYM Particles

Hypercircuit will take you and your team to a new location. Your task here is to find PYM particles which are somewhere deep in the base.

Firstly, you will have to approach some opponents on a bridge. They’ll be carrying turrets! Some crates here will also be very helpful.

As you approach the base, you will come through 2 Dreadbots.

Dreadbot is a four-legged war machine that can inflict some huge damage on you.

Here on, the game will pick up some pace and this is where you need to rely on the white diamond even more.

You will be facing some strong enemies like Monotronic Exo, Prime Adept Synthoid, and Purge Keeper inside the hall. But, not so strong that they cannot be defended.

After defeating them, head back towards the bridge and you will see the diamond markers. Good luck destroying two more power sources!

Head over to the big hall again to face more enemies. Also, collect Hank PYM’s particles from a container.

A Purge Keeper may disturb you in the process so stay cautious.

Speak with Resistance Member

After collecting the particles, ask Theo to open the portal so you can help the other Avengers.

The player will come across a safe house near the Anthill and Theo will go on to deliver those particles to PYM.

Defeat Warbot

The resistance guy will open the safehouse and you will have to fight the enemies outside to buy PYM some time.

After defeating them, you will come across the giant named Warbot. It will be a very large robot, never seen before during this mission.

You will have to defeat this one with the help of your team. It comprises of all the powers which the previous antagonists had: Laser cannons, Turrets, Purge Keeper’s toxic gas, etc.

First of all, attack its feet while looking out for the red ring to avoid being stomped.

And the moment it brings the head down, makes sure it regrets lowering its head.

While you are trying to destroy the vents, your repulsor rays and your melee attacks would be your best companion.

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