Marvel’s Avengers Abomination Boss Guide

This is a guide on how to beat the Abomination Boss from Marvel’s Avengers. Abomination’s actual name is Emil Blonsky, who was exposed to gamma radiation that gives him strength.

This Abomination Boss guide also covers the moves and tips that you should follow to win the fight.

Marvel’s Avengers Abomination Boss

Once the cutscene plays, Kamala will finally find the hard-drive with JARVIS on it. On her way out, she will run into Abomination who’ll ask for the hard-drive and a conversation will begin between the two of them.

Hulk will eventually intervene and you will begin the fight against Abomination.

There are two parts to this fight. Each phase will have a different stage for the fight.

Phase 1

In the first phase, you will be on a stage with electrified explosive devices on it. Whenever the boss goes near them, try to hit these devices with one of your ranged attacks.

This will explode the device and damage the boss. However, you will have to keep away from the device when it explodes, or it will damage you as well.

You’ll notice Abomination charging for an Overhead Slam. Whenever he does this, get out of his way or you will lose significant health.

A red marker will appear on top of the boss whenever they’re about to use this ability.

After the fight begins, try to maintain a distance whenever you see the boss charging for attacks. You’re going to have to jump high and then smash towards Abomination.

Whenever the takedown prompt shows up, use it and you will move towards the next phase of this fight.

A cutscene will play, Abomination will smash Hulk into the wall of the stage, and they will fall to another stage after the wall breaks.

Phase 2

After Hulk and the boss fall to the second stage, the boss will evolve and there will be a green gas around Abomination.

This green gas will be poisonous, and it will deal damage to you over time. If you stay in this gas for too long, the poison will start to kick in and your health will drop.

In the second phase, the boss will start to jump and attack you.

You will need to stay out of the jump-attack range so that you don’t take too much damage whenever the boss uses this attack. There will be a red circle that will mark the location where Abomination will land.

Just stay out of the circle whenever it comes up to avoid running into any problems. If you do get hit by this attack, you will be damaged by the gamma cloud as well.

Maintaining a safe distance between the boss and yourself, and using your ranged attacks will get you to the end of this round.

At the end, you can take the boss down which will lead to a cutscene. The Hulk will push Abomination into a big tube which will break, and the electrified device will come out.

Hulk will hold the device and exhibit his usual smashing on the boss. Finally, Hulk will drop the whole structure on the boss to finish him and Kamala will come out

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