Despite All the Hatred and Negative Feedback, Madden 21 Sales Up Nearly 20 Percent

Madden 21 has managed to achieve record-setting sales despite a ton of mounting criticism and calls for boycotts over social media platforms.

According to a press release sent out just now, Madden 21 saw more unique players and engagement than ever before in the franchise. Electronic Arts (EA) announced that sales were up by nearly 20 percent year-over-year for the first week of release and that nearly 50 percent more games were played compared to Madden 20 for the same period across all major platforms.

“In the last weeks, players have shown their passion for Madden with a lot of great feedback and stellar engagement in Madden 21,” said executive producer Seann Graddy. “We truly appreciate the fans who have been playing and we are excited to bring new improvements, content and experiences with our live service updates throughout the year.”

EA, furthermore, revealed that The Yard, a new mode in Madden 21, saw more than 17 million games played in the first week of release. The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs were the most popular teams, and overall, more than 460,000 seasons of football have already been completed in Madden 21.

Madden 21 clearly appears to be reaping success but perhaps not in terms of player-feedback. Madden 21, as far as players are concerned, is another example of how the franchise continues to be treated with disrespect. The new game has the same complaints that were there in the past recent installments. The number of bugs and glitches at release can hardly be ignored. Madden Ultimate Team unsurprisingly looks to have been given more development priority due to the mode delving in heavy pay-to-play microtransactions.

Madden 21 also has received the lowest Metacritic scores in history, as #NFLDropEA starts trending online. Many fans of the franchise are hoping for another publisher to be given the NFL license, which will always be wishful in the face of the aforementioned record-setting sales. The football-loving community can only hope that EA comes around to better the current state of the game through updates in the coming months.

Madden 21 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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