Xbox Series X Price Will Be Announced When “We’re Ready,” Says Microsoft

Xbox Series X has been confirmed to be officially launching worldwide somewhere in November. However, with just a couple of months to go, pre-orders have still not opened up as the matter of price remains to be clarified.

Taking to Twitter earlier in the week, Samuel Bateman, marketing lead for Xbox in the United Kingdom, promised that more information will be disclosed fairly soon. He stated that it is understandable why fans want to know how much an Xbox Series X will cost but unfortunately, there is nothing to share at the moment. He assured that Microsoft will announce pricing and pre-ordering details when “ready” which could at best be in the coming weeks.

Xbox Series X is not alone though. PlayStation 5 has also been tagged for a worldwide launch somewhere in November and similarly remains without pricing details. Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment have both been reiterating since the start of the year that there will be no delays, even when COVID-19 threw a wrench into economies and industries across the globe. With November just around the corner, fans can keep their fingers crossed that September is where Xbox Series X, as well as PlayStation 5, gets officially priced.

Xbox Series X has now joined Xbox 360 as the two Xbox consoles that were priced the most closest to launch. The original Xbox was priced six months before launch. The current Xbox One was priced five months before launch. Xbox 360 was priced three months before launch and which looks to be the case for Xbox Series X as well.

Several analysts have claimed that next-generation consoles will be pricier in comparison to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. $500 has been set as a threshold and it remains to be seen which of the two next-generation consoles will be priced lower or higher.

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