Project Athia Might Feature A Procedurally Generated Open-World

Project Athia was announced as a working title a few months ago with a teaser trailer that offered a glimpse into a beautiful and lush open-world. Those expansive environments might have just been confirmed to be procedurally generated, which is always a plus for a story-focused open-world.

Project Athia is being developed using the proprietary Luminous engine, the same engine that was used for Final Fantasy 15. While attending the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC 2020) earlier today, developer Luminous Productions showcased (via Twinfinite) how the world editor of the Luminous engine can be utilized to create procedurally generated natural environments in Project Athia.

The footage shows how an asset can have several different levels; ranging from a dead to withering tree to a blooming forest that can block the sun. The accompanying description hails the Luminous engine for being able to “fill an open-world in a natural yet intentional way.” The technological strengths shown here (below) may as well be used to populate those environments as well.

Project Athia will mark the debut of Luminous Productions, which comprises former Final Fantasy 15 developers under the supervision of Square Enix. Hence, the reason that the mysterious game has such a Final Fantasy vibe. While many fans have theorized Project Athia to be actually an early look into Final Fantasy 16, note that Square Enix has confirmed the game to be a brand new IP. That being said, the game does take heavy influence from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Project Athia is being designed exclusively for PlayStation 5, but will also release for PC. This may be where Square Enix jumps onto the console exclusive bandwagon, or at least such is assumed. The publisher has not categorically ruled out a release on Xbox Series X. The placeholder title though means that a release is not happening any time soon.

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