Marvel’s Avengers Warbot Boss Guide

In this guide, we have given a five-step method to beat the Marvel’s Avengers Warbot Boss, without taking much damage yourself.

The Warbot boss is a special high-tech war machine, designed to take on superhumans. You’ll come across this boss during the story missions Hero: Agony and the Anthill, Warzone: To Tame A Titan.

Marvel’s Avengers Warbot Boss

The Warbot Boss is a gigantic bot designed to fight, hence the name Warbot. But with powers comes few weaknesses as well which you can take advantage of in order to defeat it.

The Warbot is a huge bot with several body parts. But during the fight, the most vulnerable parts are the feet and the head.

Boss Fight
The first thing you want to do during the fight is fly up to its body vent and destroy it. Use both Iron Man’s Repulsor Beams and melee attacks to destroy the body vent.

Now aim for the vent on its feet; which is its weakness. Once the Boss heats up, aim for the red vent on the toe section of its body.

When you’ve destroyed the vent, step away from it as you don’t want to get crushed beneath the feet.

At this point in the fight, you will have destroyed the vents on it’s feet completely so the boss will lose its balance and will fall down to its head. Aim for the head before it tries to get back up again.

After you’ve caused enough damage to the Warbot, its weakness shifts to a different part of the body. Look for the vents on its side and find a red light glowing, use ranged attacks to break it.

Once broken, climb onto its back and dispatch the capsules, thus defeating the Warbot Boss and ending the boss fight.

In short, Break the vents outside of the feet during the overheat period, attack its head when it’s unbalanced and falls down.

Break the vents at the back of its feet, again attack the head, break the red vents on its sides and attack the head. At last, dispatch the capsules from its back to end the fight.

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