Marvel’s Avengers The Light That Failed Walkthrough

In this Marvel’s Avengers The Light That Failed walkthrough, we will guide you through the whole mission. Just follow our guide and you are good to go for this mission.

If you played the Avengers beta, you should be familiar with the mission.

Marvel’s Avengers The Light That Failed

You have to complete different sections of this mission with different heroes without having the choice of choosing the hero or switching between the heroes.

The Light that Failed serves as the tutorial mission of the game, explaining all the basic mechanics through most playable characters.

The mission starts off with a cut-scene featuring Iron Man and Thor flying towards the bridge. Captain America asks Thor to clear the path on the bridge.

While clearing the bridge with Thor, you will first encounter a few Reapers. Defeat those Reapers and break the barriers.

You will encounter a few more Reapers. Defeat them and save the man that is stuck under the debris.

After that, you will encounter more Reapers. As soon as you have eliminated all the Reapers, 3 mercs with a shield will arrive in a truck. Defeat them to get to the next section of the mission.

After eliminating the shielded mercs, flying mercs will appear. At that point, you will get control of Iron Man.

Eliminate those flying mercs and you will encounter some more enemies. This time you will face Reapers, mercs with shields, and flying mercs.

After you have eliminated all of them, you will face turrets. After destroying the turrets, you will be facing Pulsar Tanks.

At that point, a cut-scene will appear and after that cut-scene, you will be controlling Hulk.

Eliminate all the Reapers and the Pulsar tank and then make your way through the bridge while eliminating all the Reapers on your way to more pulsar tanks.

Use the Red Platforms and White paints to grapple while moving across the bridge.

As soon as you destroy the pulsar tanks, a cut-scene will appear and after that, you will be fighting with Captain America.

With Captain America, you will face Reapers and Aegis Reapers in the Chimera.

Eliminate them and after the cut-scene, you will gain control of Black Widow. You will be tasked to defeat the Taskmaster and acquire the detonator of the Sonic Bomb.

First, you have to chase down Taskmaster and then try to eliminate him from the sky.

After that, you will face him in a one-on-one battle. Taskmaster can learn your attacks during the boss fight and adapt accordingly so you have to shuffle between your attacks.

After defeating the Taskmaster, disarm the sonic bomb with the detonator acquired from the Taskmaster to trigger the last cut-scene of the mission.

That is all you need to know about The Light that Failed mission before you can proceed to New Normal.

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