Marvel’s Avengers The Dogs of War Walkthrough

In this guide, we will take a look at how to complete Marvel’s Avengers The Dogs of War mission. We will give you all the details about The Dogs of War, how best to deal with enemies, and any collectibles that you can collect in this outing of your favorite Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers The Dogs of War

Your mission is to yield a bounty of Initiator Cores if all goes well.

The problem is that AIM will soon pinpoint the location of Chimera and without a base of operations, The Avengers will be very vulnerable. Let’s get started.

All Out War

Only the future of all Avengers and the safety of the planet depends on you so no pressure.  The first checkpoint will be around 65 meters away straight ahead of you.

Stick to the right side and upon climbing one ledge next to a large rocky wall, you will find the first batch of Initiator Cores just ahead of this ledge.

Destroy these purple-colored cores. On the right near the cliff, you will find a chest that has some loot. Besides the loot, there are a few more white cores, destroy them as well.

Now turn back and head to the other heat signature marked on your screen.

There will be a man-made structure there that has the Cores inside. Destroy them and collect the chest next to it.

There is a memorial of the resistance outside that structure. Head over to the memorial, towards the next signature. There will be a few enemies here, so be careful.

You will find some White Cores along the way so destroy them as you go. Jump from ledge to ledge and you will get to their base.

There will be enemies there so get ready for combat. There is a core on the right side of the gate here. Do not forget to destroy it.

On the ledge in the front, there is a chest. Open it and collect the items. Then head inside the base and upstairs there is another chest.

Explore the base to find more cores and destroy them. You might have to make two or three rounds around the base just to be sure that you got everything.

After that, the next location will be marked. This would be inside a cave which is like a cavern.

Inside it, there is a chest as well as some cores. Open the chest and destroy the cores to progress further.

When you get to the next checkpoint there will not be any cores so you will continue your search but before that, you will have to take out the pair of enemies here.

Hulk will be alongside you but you would have to take out most of the enemies on your own.

When this cave/cavern is cleared head towards the right and you will find a ledge and from there travel to the next marked location.

There you will find a burned down core. They know that you are here and they are trying to destroy as many as possible so you need to hurry.

Collect what you can while investigating the dreadbot wreckage there.

Shortly you will have to face enemies from the Watch Dogs group and take them out. Watch Dogs is an organization that works against enhanced individuals and Inhumans.

It is the evil organization that wants destruction and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Use your punches to take this group out. You will also have to fight some other enemies that will surface once the fight starts to keep those in mind.

Some of the enemies from Watch Dogs will be hard to take out especially the one with the shield.

Dodge every attack that you can and attack at every chance you get.

You might need to revive the Hulk once or twice in this fight, remember to look after your ally as he is a big help in most cases.

Once you have defeated everyone Hulk will turn back to Dr. Bruce Banner. He says that you guys have scavenged almost the whole desert by now and it is still not enough.

Upon hearing this Kamala asks that is she alone and shows concern upon why the other Inhumans are not fighting or rebelling.

Kamala says that she has heard about the rebellion but has not seen anyone fight.

She adds that this is the most alive she has ever felt because of the powers.  Bruce tells her that her powers are harmful and she should embrace them.

She sits down beside Bruce and starts talking about her dad. Then Bruce says that they should head back to the Chimera.

Just as they turn back a guy appears that says that Dr. Pym will see you now. By that, he means Dr. Hank Pym and Bruce walks into the portal created.


To take out the Watch Dogs in Marvel’s Avengers The Dogs of War, you need to keep some things in mind. Always take out the one with flight power first.

If you focus on the ground enemies first, the ones up in the air can damage you using potshots.

Prioritize the flying ones first and then take out the ground troops.

Beware of the laser and dodge it as much as you can or you will receive a lot of damage.

For the shielded enemies, use heavy attacks as every other attack will just straight up be blocked by them.

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