Marvel’s Avengers New Normal Walkthrough

In this Marvel’s Avengers New Normal walkthrough guide, you’ll get to know how to complete all the objectives of the mission and how to defeat the enemies at the end.

We’ve also mentioned locations of all the collectibles that you could find along the way.

Marvel’s Avengers New Normal

Following the events of The Light That Failed, you are put in the shoes of a teenage Kamala Khan, 4 years after the events of A-Day.

Get to Kamala’s Headquarter
You’ll begin your journey on top of a rooftop, and all that you’d be doing so far is jumping from a rooftop to a rooftop while looking for nearby collectibles.

Knowing which way to go would be easy. there would be plenty of high walls around you and often a single opening from where you could jump on to the next rooftop.

Begin by heading on straight and jumping over the gap between the buildings.

Slide down the rope, turn left, and keep moving. Jump on to the next rooftop and you’ll see a wall in front of you, slightly to the left.

Scramble up the wall and you’ll see a ramp in front of it. Use it to jump on to the next rooftop.

Once you’ve made it to the next rooftop, you’ll see another ramp towards the right corner of the roof to help you jump on to the next building.

Use the ramp on the left side to move on to another rooftop. Here you’ll find a collectible, a little further to the left.

Keep on looking for openings, ropes, and ramps and keep jumping from building to building.

Keep an eye out for a collectible located on one of the outdoor air conditioning units. It will be flashing and quite easy to locate.

On the very next rooftop, you’ll find a collectible on the left wall, and another one on the floor.

In front of you, there would be a huge ramp. This ramp is a seesaw and you’ll need to place a barrel below one of its sides to keep it in an upright position when you make the jump.

You’ll find the barrel against the same wall you found the collectible on. Pull it under the ramp.

Camera angle won’t be much of a help and it might take you several tries before you’re able to place it in the right position.

Now, you’ll have one more jump to make before you make it to the headquarters. Once you are inside, move around to inspect elements and find collectibles.

There is an opening in the roof. To make it up there you’ll need to pull a nearby trolley under that opening.

There’ll be plenty of other stuff up there that you can inspect as well as the computer that you’re looking for

Get to Heroes Park
Circle around to find a rope and slide down into an alleyway. Keep heading forward to jump on to a ladder.

Descend the ladder and step onto the ledge. Keep moving along the edge and go around the corner of the building.

There will be a wall in front of you that you’ll have to climb. There’ll be a bar on the left that you can swing on and jump to the next rooftop.

Keep jumping across buildings and if you find two possible rooftops that you can jump on to, don’t be afraid of taking a detour as you might end up picking a collectible.

To complete this objective, you’ll be climbing a lot of walls. So, if you think you’ve reached a dead end, try climbing a wall.

Finally, there’ll be a roof sloping downwards. Once you jump on it, with a quick series of events you’ll find yourself in the park.

Scope out the Captain America Statue
Start exploring the park. You’ll find interesting items scattered all across the park such as a wall that represents all the humans that have gone missing.

Once you get to the statue, a cutscene would follow.

Get out of the Heroes Park Undetected
Stay undercover and move towards the opening on the right. Cross the bridge and take cover behind a barrier right in front of you.

Once all the enemies have passed, head through the gate on the right.

If you are confused about what path to take just move from cover to cover. If you can find a hiding spot and take cover along the way, you’re probably moving in the right direction.

You’ll see a gate along the way, it might seem like the right way but it’s not. Instead, take a right and move alongside the wall.

Stay low and don’t hurry until you reach the sewers.

Escape the Sewers Undetected
Keep moving down the path. At times if you get confused about which way to go, look out for the enemies. If you spot any down the path, take the other path.

There’ll be a dumpster along the way, push it aside to reveal a passage. Once you’re on the other side you’ll have to do some grapple swinging.

Get to the Bus Station
Good reflexes would be required to accomplish this objective. Press the button as soon as the button prompt appears to improve your chances of escaping.

Defeat the AIM Forces to Escape the Garage
If you use quick attacks and ranged attacks accordingly, this fight would be an easy one. ranged attacks would be required for the flying enemies.

The game will also prompt you all the attacks that you can use.

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