Marvel’s Avengers I Want to Be An Avenger Walkthrough

This Marvel’s Avengers I Want to Be An Avenger walkthrough will take you through the very first and cute mission of the game that leads into the action-packed The Light That Failed tutorial level.

Marvel’s Avengers I Want to Be An Avenger

This mission revolves around the Avengers Day Celebration for the grand opening of their West Coast Headquarters and fans trying to be part of the VIP balcony to enjoy this event as much as they can.

Comics Locations

As soon as you’ve landed, walk straight past the Avengers Statues and speak with the person on the front desk.

She will tell you that you’ll have to collect 5 comics to earn VIP seats for yourself and your father. You’ll have to complete 5 different objectives by playing different mini-games to earn those 5 comics.

Press Up on D-Pad to reveal the objective markers and get to business!

For Objective A, you’ll have to earn at least 150 points in a shooting game to get yourself a comic.

This objective is simply designed to test out your aim – the better is your aim, the faster will you be able to wrap it up.

Objective B will require you to perform a Hulk Smash. Press and Hold O and then quickly press △ (or your corresponding control scheme’s button) to ace this objective. You’ll get your second comic as a result.

Now, head for the location of Objective C. On the way to it, you’ll meet Dante who’s looking to trade a comic as he has a duplicate one.

The location for Objective C will now be changed and in the new location, you’ll find the comic Dante was in search of.

After picking up your third comic, proceed towards Objective D in which you’ll have to lift Thor’s Hammer off the ground.

Even if you’re unable to do it, you’ll get the comic for the effort anyway.

In the case of Objective E, you’ll be disappointed to find out that there are no more comics left.

However, soon after an unpleasant conversation with a couple of boys, Captain America will come to praise you for standing up to those boys and hand over a spare copy of the fifth and final comic to you.

This comic would be the duplicate of the comic you obtained from Objective C.

Go ahead and exchange this comic with Dante and you’ll get your hands on the last of the comics that you’ll need.

Having done that, go and meet Abu at the VIP entrance. Scan your phone at the elevator and Huzza! You’ll be granted access to the VIP balcony.

That will mark the completion of this mission.

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