Marvel’s Avengers House Call Walkthrough

House Call is a main story mission in Avengers. In Marvel’s Avengers House Call, you will be searching for Tony Stark and recruit him to the team. In this guide, we have the complete Avengers House Call walkthrough for you.

Marvel’s Avengers House Call

After helping the SHIELD recover their protocols, Bruce Banner asks Jarvis to locate Tony Stark.

He says it will take some time and, in the meanwhile, he says that Ms. Khan can train at the HARM (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) machine.

Make your way to the HARM machine. On the way, you can access the garage having different Avenger SHIELD vehicles like the Quinjet, etc.

Finding Tony

After making it to the HARM machine, activate the console and then complete the training. After completing the training, return to Jarvis and Bruce Banner.

Jarvis will reveal that Tony Stark’s last known location was his ancestral home, the Golden Acres. He says that you may be able to find some clues of his new whereabouts there.

Use the Jarvis screen to activate the House Call mission. Selecting the mission will take Ms. Khan and Bruce Banner to the Golden Acres mansion.

Enter the mansion and then advance to the manor grounds. Once you reach the end of the pathway, destroy the wall on your left side and proceed inside the caved structure.

Make your way to the drawbridge by jumping across the gaps.

Destroy the suspenders on either side of the bridge and then use the generator on the left side to power it and lower the bridge.

Now head inside the garage and open the large door to reach the Golden Acres mansion. Tony Stark will come out of a caravan and dialogue will start between the three.

The Search for the Iron Man Suit

After the cutscene ends, you will gain control of Tony Stark. Now you will have to enter the manor and find the parts for the Iron Man suit.

You will get attacked by AIM robots while you collect all the parts of the Suit inside the manor.

You will then be attacked by the Dreadbot and the AIM forces. Defeat the forces working together with Hulk and Kamala Khan.

The Dreadbot is a heavy weapons AIM robot that can fire multiple lasers and counter melee damage. Make sure to keep in cover when he uses his beam attacks.

Use Iron Man’s mobility to hover and get out of sticky situations.

After you defeat all the AIM forces, you will return to the Avengers headquarters and this will be the end of the mission.