Marvel’s Avengers Condition Green Iconic Mission Walkthrough

In this Marvel’s Avengers Condition Green Iconic Mission Guide, we will get you up to speed with every step of your way in the Hulk mission, including how you can obtain various collectibles like chests and other resources.

As mentioned in the name, this is an Iconic Mission centered around Hulk. While you can play as other characters, Hulk will be in your squad by default and hence you will unlock rewards for him.

Your main objective, given to you by JARVIS is to investigate the residual gamma radiation detected in AIM’s facility and stop whatever AIM has planned.

Marvel’s Avengers Condition Green

The mission starts off with you inside the AIM territory. Firstly, press up on the d-pad to activate the tactical awareness which grants you a sight of the locations of your teammates and different waypoints.

Head northeast and find a purple glowing pad. Hop on it and it’ll take you to the bridge above. Here, a few of your enemies will charge at you.

Kill them all and then, look for a yellow circle on the left of the large pole in front.

Throw rocks at it to turn it green. This will allow you to collect the nearby chest.

After opening the chest, use your tactical awareness to get to the nearest waypoint which will be straight ahead.

Upon reaching there, you’ll see a yellow circle. Follow the same procedure as above to get your hands on another chest.

Now, get back to your spawning position and continue past it. Look for the two objectives on your right side using tactical awareness.

Once there, take down all the enemies. After that, you’ll have to solve a puzzle to acquire the third chest.

For that, Punch all the four boxes until they turn green.

This will cause the gold hexagon over the balcony of the building in front to turn blue and you’ll be able to get hold of the chest here.

Now, jump up to get on the balcony on the second floor of the building in front. Charge at the door on the backside to burst it open and rescue the person inside.

Having done that, use your tactical awareness and proceed to the Elite Target (a robot) nearby. Putting it down will get you a common or rare piece of gear as loot.

After that, proceed back to the purple-glowing jump pad and use it to get to the final waypoint. Here, you’ll come across Blitz Dreadbot.

Defeating this foe can become a real headache if you’re not smart enough. Along with powerful range-attacks, it has flamethrower weapons on all of its body.

Firstly, try destroying the weapons on its body one by one as you can take quite a bit of damage if you go for all of them at once.

Then, rain down punches on it which would take its shield down. Once its shield is gone, keep punching it to finish it off.

After taking care of Blitz Dreadbot, turn around and mount the building overhead where you’ll find a chest, containing a comic and some resources.

Now, head back to the waypoint, activate the elevator by interacting with the computer, and descend into the AIM facility.

Use tactical awareness once again to locate the nearby resistance ally and then burst open the door they’re behind.

After that, hit the machine to the right of the yellow door three times to make it go from yellow to blue.

Follow the same steps with the other two machines nearby and the machine inside the big yellow door.

Resultantly, you’ll be able to enter the door with a chest and resource crates.

Now, proceed ahead and get to the mission waypoint. Interact with the computer to see three more waypoints.

Go to each one of these and destroy computer servers.

In this area, Jarvis will inform you of a chest nearby. Use tactical awareness to track it.

You’ll encounter some foes on your way to this chest, eliminate them, and collect it.

Soon after that, use the now-open elevator to head down. Proceed forward and interact with the computer.

Now, you’ll have to defeat the Squad Theta (a group of 5 enemies with a grey skull over their heads).

Fighting the Squad Theta all is not an easy task at all so it’s better if you try to separate each of the members of the Squad and fight it individually if wish to emerge victorious.

Defeating the Squad Theta will mark the completion of Marvel’s Avengers Condition Green mission and you’ll earn Rare Gear as the reward.

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