Marvel’s Avengers Breakout Walkthrough

In Marvel’s Avengers Breakout you will be playing as Ms. Marvel and infiltrating an AIM facility to gather Intel regarding their inhuman experiments.

The AIM facility, which is located in Venture Ridge, Wyoming was one of AIM’s first sites where they used to hold humans before building a prison.

Marvel’s Avengers Breakout

Breakout takes place after The Dogs of War, once you have found The Anthill, the inhuman resistance base.

After arriving near the site, head out of the vehicle, and locate the AIM facility. It will be marked on your map.

On your way, there will be several AIM patrols that you will have to takeout. Head to the city and look for the AIM facility.

Inside the city, there will be many AIM patrols that you will have to clear while searching for the facility location.

The AIM facility is located in a mountain area near the city. As you arrive at the AIM facility, you will be attacked by AIM enemies who have started an emergency procedure.

Clear the AIM forces at the entrance of the facility and then head inside. Inside the facility, your aim will be to destroy the power source of the facility.

Locate the transformers and sabotage them to destroy the power source of the AIM facility. There will be two transformers which you will have to destroy.

After destroying them, head on to the elevator and use it to move forward a lab.

After getting off the elevator, move to the lab which is secured and locked. Use the vents system to try and enter the lab.

Now move on to the next objective marker, clearing all the enemies you face on the way. Sabotage the power systems to open the lab door.

Inside the lab, you will be attacked by AIM forces and a Dread bot. Defeat all the AIM forces and then, use the elevator to head back down.

Now, you will have to take control of three different points to hack the AIM terminal for data.

Keep control of the terminals until the progress bar of the Avengers hacking progress is 100 percent.

When the hack is complete, the mission will finish and you will return back to the Avengers Headquarters.