Marvel’s Avengers Armor Chase Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough of the Marvel’s Avengers Armor Chase Hero Mission. We will guide you through the objectives you need to conquer before the time runs out.

Yes! This segment of the mission is pretty tight on the clock and you do need to be as quick as possible.

Marvel’s Avengers Armor Chase

Your objective is that you need to get to the Dropship in order to complete the Armor Chase mission.

You will have a limited time in the first part of this mission so gather up your senses and stay focused.

Note the time remaining in the top left corner which is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds when the mission starts. Rush straight to the base then and look for the Dropship.

Just as you enter the base, you will be dealing with a ton of incoming attacks from different mechanical units. Keep destroying them and head straight for the base.

Meanwhile, as you fly towards the Landing Pad, you will be required to do several Barrel Rolls in order to evade incoming projectiles.

Do learn the technique and get yourself at ease with it since you will have to use it more often to dodge off enemy attacks.

Now as you go ahead, you will keep getting attacked by enemy turrets.

The best tactic here is not to get too involved in attempts of destroying all the attacking units since you have a limited time.

Once you reach the elevator location, you will be welcomed by a lot of enemies. Struggle your way out of them by destroying every single one of them since it is your current objective.

“Access the elevator” will become your objective once you have killed every enemy around.

You don’t have a time constraint anymore so you may explore the area around to get your hands on some collectibles. Finally, get to the elevator and interact with the computer inside holding “X” (Xbox).

Once you have moved through the elevator, go ahead straight and you will see that the Dropship is missing. You will come to know that it has been moved to a more secure location.

Now your objective is to get to this new location of the Dropship but you cannot go there on your own.

This is where your suit will be charged up by 300% and you will have to reach the Dropship’s new location in a single run (single flight, to be correct).

So, gather up your focus and as you fly ahead with super speed, keep dodging all the incoming turret projectiles and the electro-beams.

It will be a pretty long route and you will have to watch for the artilleries targeting you.

As you reach the Dropship, finally, you will see that it has been shielded. So you have to destroy the shield by using Disruption Pulse.

Destroy the shield and get to the Dropship. The Armor Chase mission completes here.