Adome Dev Talks About Real-World Parkour, Combat, & Next-Gen

Adome was recently announced as a first-person parkour-focused platformer set in a futuristic urban environment. While actual gameplay remains to be shown, knowing Mirror’s Edge to have been a major inspiration does raise a lot of expectations as well as hopes that Adome succeeds in delivering what has been promised: a complex and fluid parkour system with agile and precise gameplay.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer Timsea Studios stated that the “intention from the beginning was to create a parkour system that felt worked and smooth.” Mirror’s Edge was obviously an inspiration but that inspiration only goes as far as the parkour. Timsea Studios has always had “great love” for that discipline, being parkour enthusiasts themselves, and wanted to merge their own experience with real-world movements in what “would be an exciting and fun challenge” that eventually became Adome.

That being said, a well-crafted parkour system needs an elaborate setting and for that purpose, Adome features a variety of environments where each area has been designed to be unique and detailed. The developer noted that “the scale of environments and the variety between them” was necessary to make players feel immersed in a great futuristic urban setting. Beyond the urban areas, players will also traverse through different types of natural settings, ranging from both icy plains to rocky ranges to foresteries. Timsea Studios assured that Adome will not force players into “repeating scenarios” that would only incite monotony.

Parkour though will not be the only gameplay system for players to learn. There will also be combat. IB1, the main character in Adome, wields a weapon that fires non-lethal electric energy at enemies. There will be no need to loot weapons or items in the environment. Being able to master combat while on the move will ensure that parkour remains uninterrupted.

Adome remains scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this fall, with a full-blown gameplay reveal around the corner. “Optimizing Adome to squeeze out all the power from Nintendo Switch” has been hard work and as such, the Nintendo Switch version will not have any exclusive features. The developer though is “proud of the final result.”

Timsea Studios “hopes” to see the game on next-generation consoles as well and to be able to use “their loading speeds to do great things” down the road. When asked about power differences between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the developer noted that “more power helps create more elaborate worlds and more immersive experiences, but our work as developers is to exploit the maximum possibilities offered by each platform, so that all players can enjoy a great experience.”

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