Xbox Series S Appears On Xbox Game Pass Cards

Xbox Series S has to be one of the worst kept secrets right now. The unannounced next-generation console has already been the subject of numerous reports and leaks. While Microsoft maintains radio silence, the mention of an Xbox Series S console has started appearing on official packaging as well.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, user Brendan shared a photo of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial card that he received with the purchase of a standard Xbox One wireless controller. The trial card mentions that the service will be compatible with Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S. The wording is clearly not a one-time mistake because another user shared a photo of their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial card which mentioned the unannounced console as well.

Xbox Series X will be releasing with a new and updated Xbox controller which went up for sale last month at certain retailers. The new packaging mentioned support for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The appearance on official packaging can only mean that an announcement should be around the corner. Microsoft has to reveal the price point and release date of Xbox Series X. The same series of announcements should include Xbox Series S as well.

Xbox Series S is believed to be Project Lockhart, a more affordable next-generation option that will be available alongside Xbox Series X. A recent report pointed out that the console will sport a processor faster than PlayStation 5 and which will be clocked equal to Xbox Series X.

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