How to Sneak in Wasteland 3

Sneaking and using stealth techniques is an element of almost every tactical game. Where most of the time it is simple enough, sneaking in Wasteland 3 is a little trickier. This guide will teach you how to sneak in Wasteland 3 so that you can use it well in the top-down CRPG style turn-based combat.

Wasteland 3 Sneaking

Sneaky Shit skill manages Sneaking in Wasteland 3 . The more points your rangers have in Sneaky Shit, the sneakier will be your movements and hence drawing lesser attention.

So, the first thing you need to know is that there is no direct Sneak control key or movement toggle.

You have to be as sneaky as you can whilst controlling the character with the highest Sneaky Shit points.

Once you are moving around with the sneakiest character you have, you must keep your foresight active and keep an eye on the large red circle which indicates an enemy’s range of vision.

Even if you step into the enemy’s range of vision, keep an eye on the eye symbol that is shown once you enter the enemy’s range.

This eye is the enemy’s spook meter and if it gets fully filled, the enemy will be alerted to your presence or the alarms will turn on.

Hence, you must always try to attack an enemy before the eye symbol fills, so that you can stay sneaky and keep doing the stealth kills until you can or until you have to stay sneaky.

Besides being better at stealth, high Sneaky Shit points also gives the advantage of high damage.

What this means is, if you have high Sneaky Shit points, your first attack on every unaware enemy will deal way high damage.

Also note, for being stealthy, you should stay crouched most of the time since it lowers detection sensitivity and gives you room to hide from patrolling guards or incoming enemies.

This is perhaps everything about how to sneak and be stealthy in W3. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.