Marvel’s Avengers Missing Links Walkthrough

In this guide for Marvel’s Avengers Missing Links, we will be walking you through each and every detail that you may have missed out on during your playthrough.

Marvel’s Avengers Missing Links

In your search for Tony Stark, you have run into a bit of a hiccup according to Jarvis.

Without Jarvis’ neural link, tracking down Tony can be a slow process, so Miss Marvel and the Hulk are tasked to bring the neural link back from an AIM facility.

Keep a lookout for chests containing extra gear for your characters!

Locate the AIM Facility
As you head for the AIM Facility, you’ll find a number of chests on your way.

An extra boss can be found towards the right of where you start off. Eliminate the elite mob to get extra gear.

Continue sticking to the right, and you’ll eventually reach platforms that you can get on top of using the trees as footing.

Getting on top as Hulk can be difficult as you’ll need to properly position yourself to climb up. Miss Marvel can however simply pull herself to the top.

Grab all the gear off of her, and head down to the Security Node.

Secure the Area
Time for a classic beat everyone the hell up until the objective completes.

AIM soldiers will begin attempting to attack you as you try to gain access to the Security Node. Keep any and all AIM personnel away.

You can initially fight them off pretty easily, but when the frost attacks start piling up things might start getting a little slow.

When appropriate, let out your ultimate ability and start rolling over your enemies. Don’t forget to utilize your abilities to support your allies!

Note that only one of you has to stay on the platform, so the other person can simply roam around and take care of adds as fast as possible.

We kept Hulk on the capture point while Miss Marvel took care of everyone.

Follow the Signal Detector
It’s time to locate a hidden bunker! The snow can be deceiving, but thanks to our handy little signal detector, we can get right to the Neural Uplink.

Keep heading in the indicated direction by the Signal Detector and you’ll discover a large closed trapdoor.

Before you go any further, make sure you’ve equipped the best gear you have, as the fight ahead can get relatively tough for only two heroes to handle.

Defending the Neural Uplink
You can find several breakable walls in the area, one to your immediate left as you enter.

Another breakable wall can be found on the left side of the platform above. There is one more as you initially enter the bunker.

Loot up, and get ready to defend the Neural Uplink from any enemies.

Make sure to pick up the loot from any and all chests before proceeding as you won’t get the chance once you deal with all the waves.

You’ll find yourself stunned quite often if you aren’t dodging properly in this fight.

Contrary to popular belief, the combat system has more depth than it would lead you to believe.

When near any elite enemies, Elite Synthoid, make sure to dodge properly or you’ll lose a lot of health.

Once done, you’ll be heading back to Jarvis to give him his new Neural Uplink! Happy birthday Jarvis!