Final Fantasy 16 Allegedly Has An Official Twitter Account

The unannounced but strongly rumored Final Fantasy 16 is said to have received an official social media presence from publisher Square Enix, which if true would mean that an announcement could be potentially around the corner.

According to Twisted Voxel earlier today, the following could possibly be the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy 16. The protected (private) account is said to link to an official Square Enix domain which does open up possibilities. However, the finding is probably a hoax.

Numerous such Twitter accounts have been discovered in the past few months for unannounced games but they were mostly proven to be fake. Square Enix is not alone. Twitter discoveries have been done for Nintendo and Ubisoft as of late. Not one of them has been confirmed to be legitimate. Hence, in that light, Final Fantasy 16 probably has no Twitter presence at the time of writing, at least no official presence until Square Enix makes it official.

Final Fantasy 16 has received several rumors since the start of the year to indicate that the game exists. Last month, a known insider claimed that Final Fantasy 16 is indeed real and will be part of a PlayStation 5 digital event. The insider noted that the announcement has been delayed because Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment have been penning an exclusivity deal. Final Fantasy 16 will be either a timed or permanent exclusive game for PlayStation 5, the former of which seems more credible.

Sony has reportedly invest a lot into attaining an aggressive PlayStation 5 library of games for the launch year. While the launch lineup itself remains unknown, the PlayStation 4 successor is said to have been gunning for exclusivity deals left and right. Most of which are said to be with third-party developers for games or franchises that have never done any platform exclusive content in the past.

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