Tell Me Why Episode 1 Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Tell Me Why Collectibles Locations guide, we will let you know the locations of all 5 collectibles in Tell Me Why Episode 1.

Tell Me Why is the latest game from Dontnod, the developers who brought us Life is Strange.

Tell Me Why Episode 1 Collectibles Locations

Much like their previous game, Tell Me Why features secrets to find in each and every episode as you progress through the story.

Finding these collectibles will expand further upon the game’s lore and characters as well as earn you achievements.

The Crafty Goblins
You will found the first goblin under the bed in Alyson’s room. She will take it out of the box by herself you just have to lead her to the box.

You will find the second Goblin in Tyler’s room. This goblin is right in the middle of the desk just pick it up and it will be added to your collectibles.

The Mad Hunter
You will find this collectible in the path under the house and you will require a screwdriver to get to it. You will notice this while going to the exit at the very end, next to a fireplace.

The Wise Princess
You will find this collectible in the same chapter you find the previous one. When you are in Ronan’s house go into the mother’s bedroom and you will find this collectible on the right side of the bed.

The Pious Pelican
You will find this collectible in the Tessa office and to get there you have to talk to her. You will search for this right after shopping, since your mother’s friend will not notice searching the cabinets. You will find the fourth collectible in the cupboard.

The Ice King
You will find this collectible in the final chapter. In this chapter with Officer Brown’s key, you can access the break room. Then you will go to the interrogation room.

In this room in the end there is a blue closet. You will find the fifth and the last collectible right behind this on the floor.

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