Hitman 3 Next-Gen Upgrade Will Be Coming For Both PS5 And Xbox Series X

IO Interactive has made a lot of Hitman fans very happy with a recent announcement that Hitman 3 next-gen upgrades will be available for the title when the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X comes out, both of them free of charge. Hitman 3 is supposed to be coming out sometime in January.

Hitman 3 will be continuing the adventures of Agent 47 with the ISA as he continues to hunt down the members of the shadowy rival organization Providence, that are attempting to destroy both him and the ISA. We’ve already seen at least one location that he’ll be going to in the game, a skyscraper in Dubai.

The fact that IO Interactive has been able to get this far despite being an independent studio following their departure from Square Enix is a big deal for all of their fans, especially since the series’ future, and that of the studio’s, seemed to be in doubt for a short time.

The Hitman 3 next-gen upgrade will be a simple one: On the Playstation 4, if you buy it digitally in the Playstation Store, you’ll be able to download the Playstation 5 version of the game for free when it’s released, while the Xbox Series X version will make use of the console’s Smart Delivery system.

Along with the new locations, Hitman 3 will also be the best place to play through the entire series, with players being able to import all 20-plus locations from the previous two games to their new game, giving you the ability to play every game in one package and on one console.

The Hitman 3 next-gen upgrade will also help to make a game series that already looks amazing look even better. Considering how IO Interactive showed off the game when they released their Dubai trailer, the game is going to look absolutely amazing on the new consoles. But, again, the game will be releasing in January, so there’s still a long time to wait before it comes out on its consoles.