Dirt 5 Playgrounds Preview, A Wild Race Track Creator

Dirt 5 is releasing this October and apart from everything that you love in the franchise, it includes a new mode: Playgrounds. Playgrounds is basically a map creator tool that gives players the opportunity to create their own tracks and compete with each other for the best score. We’ve played the preview build and even though the variety of tracks are still low, the mode itself is super fun.

Dirt 5 Playgrounds gets its own big place in the game since it packs arcade with competition and adds a twist to your regular racing tracks. Unlike similar games or modes where the point is to simply get to the finish line faster and beat the best time, Playgrounds goes one step further. You get checkpoints and collectible powers and weird paths you have to follow that can make things exciting.

Dirt 5 Battlegrounds

There are three main task modes for players to choose from when creating a map in Dirt 5 Playgrounds including Smash Attack in which you are tasked with collecting items to get more points, Gate Crasher which is your classic checkpoint time trial mode and Gymkhana which is a score mode that plays best with drifting and high jumps.

Needless to say that there are some insane objects to use in map creator, so the most creative players will be able to create the tracks of their lives and compete with other players in it. For us rest casuals, we’ll still have a great time trying to reach their scores in the ranks.

The Playgrounds track creator will most likely include default terrain from some, if not all, of the maps in Dirt 5. In the preview build, we only got 2 starting tracks. Even with two maps though, the things you could do were infinite.

There is a variety of different types of assets to add to the track like ramps and signs and bumps and even cosmetic objects. The main screen houses some of the top and most popular maps which you can compete in and hit that restart button as many time as you need to get that high score.

It will be interesting to see what Codemasters will include in the mode in the final build. Will we get even more objects to use? More than that, what will players devise in order to make this mode even more interesting?

It wouldn’t be surprising if players make huge mini-games of all sorts using the Dirt 5 Playgrounds. It will also be interesting to see if we’ll be able to play Playgrounds in split screen with 4 players. This would take couch gaming to a whole new level for the franchise.

We shall know how Dirt 5 Playgrounds will evolve when the full game releases on October 18th for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Next-gen versions of Dirt 5 will also release along with Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles and an upgrade of the game will be available for free for everyone who already owns the game.

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