Control AWE The Third Thing Walkthrough

This guide for Control AWE The Third Thing, which is the second mission for the DLC that tasks you to search for Hartman in Eagle Limited AWE and Fra Mauro AWE, will help you discover every secret found throughout the areas specific to this mission.

Control AWE The Third Thing

After talking to Langston on the intercom at the top of the elevator you will be tasked with two investigations. The first one is in the Eagle Limited AWE area.

Eagle Limited AWE

The area can be found using the double-doors found to the left of the intercom.

Head through the doors and used the elevator to begin your search for Hartman in this area.

Get off the elevator and trigger the Control Point right in front of you. Walk to the switch on the wall and activate it to open the door.

Head through into the larger room which will consequently trigger the floating Hiss.

Fight through the three waves and go through the open door at the end.

Take the boxes out of the way blocking the entrance stairs on the right and head downstairs.

Go through to the room with all the generators where you will find a locked gate.

Find an alternative path blocked by boxes on the right side of the room. Move the boxes aside and go through the path to reach the floodlight.

Lift the light up and carry it to the room on the other side to destroy the Darkness that was previously blocking the door.

Go through the newly opened door and grab the Power Core. Place it into the socket by the gate and then proceed to open the gate. Grab the control point and head into the next room.

Defeat enemies in the next room and go up onto the train turntable. Towards the end, you will see a yellow tarp.

Head up the tarp and look to the wall to find breakable windows. Destroy them and float to the room.

Follow the signs in this room and you will reach the Utility Corridor.

The Utility Corridor

Pick up the floodlight and carry it with you into the Utility Corridor. Use it to traverse the darkness found in the elevator at the end of the corridor.

Drop down the hole and you will find two Hiss enemies.

We only need to solve an easy puzzle now. Open the gate on the middle platform utilizing the generators below.

Keep following the yellow cables that start from the wall to the generators. Put the power cores into the generators with the yellow cables and the gate will now open.

Head through the gate into the next room where you will reach the Service Vents. Pull the vent out and go through the doorway.

The vents are fairly easy, make your way through the linear path and take out the Hiss.

Use the Control Point when you see it and go to the door control. Activate the door and go to the Eagle Limited Area.

Eagle Limited Area

Head to the consoles and hit the button. Darkness will descend and a train will appear above you. You are now required to move the train.

To do so, head along the track until you see a light platform with a Hiss. Go up the platform and push the red button.

Go forward again and look to the left side to find another platform and press the button yet again after clearing the Hiss.

At the end of the track, perform the same steps which will then lower the train and light up the area.

Fighting Hartman in the Transit Bay

After lowering the train, you will have to chase Hartman into the AWE Transit Bay. Left of the lever you will see a Shifted Passage entrance.

Go through it and you will reach a Control Point just outside the Transit Bay. Use the Control Point and head through the double-doors.

The boss fight will now officially start. To fight off Hartman, you need to light up the room by placing four Power Cores in the control room.

Each core can be found in a holding room in each of their respective corners.

Access them one-by-one by clearing the enemies that spawn next to them. After killing the enemies, red crystals will appear on the exterior.

Shoot the crystals and you will get the Power Core. Place it inside the socket. Repeat this until all four sockets are filled.

Flip the switch once the room has power and you will successfully flood the room with light and force Hartman to escape.

Fra Mauro AWE

We’ll now be searching for Hartman over in the Fra Mauro AWE area.

You can access this area through the double-doors to the right of the same intercom we spoke to Langston on.

Ride the elevator to reach this area and activate the Control Point once you get there.

Take care of the debris blocking the door and go through the door. Deal with the Hiss and grab the floodlight next to the couch.

Use it to clear the Darkness blocking your path through the metal detector.

Go through the now-cleared Metal Detector and clear the hiss once again.

Go to the end of the room and in the darkness, you will find a floodlight to the light.

Pick it up and use it to clear the darkness off the generator found in the next room.

Continue with the floodlight and use it once again to remove the darkness from the Power Core.

Place the Core in the socket and hit the switch to open the elevator.

Head down the elevator shaft into the Trolley Room.

The Solution to the Trolley Room

Go to the right side after dropping down the shaft and you will find a Control Point near a console.

Activate it and go to the opposite side of the room to grab the Power Core. Place the Core into the socket next to the Control Point. Hit the right button to move the trolley to the right.

As it lines up with the socket covered with Darkness, press the left button to stop it.

Take the Core out of the socket and place it into the socket on the trolley to activate its light.

This will remove the Darkness allowing you to place the Core in the socket on the wall.

You will now have access to the door leading to Lower Access.

Lower Access

Go into the Lower Access to find a Darkened Corridor. In this Corridor, you have to find a way to escape before Hartman destroys you.

Take the path marked by yellow objects. Head left and follow the yellow tarps to the wall with the cracks.

Destroy the wall and go into the area with the light. Go to the next light area by dashing through.

Follow the yellow objects until you finally reach a Power Core.

Destroy the wall to the left of the Core and place the Core into the socket found in this room. Use the switch to turn on the lights.

This will scare away Hartman. Head to the next rooms and activate the Control Room.

Go into the next room and the bottom you will see Hiss in the doorway. Kill it and cross the tracks to reach a Control Room.

Hit the button and turn the tracks. The tracks will stop as the Hiss will finally spawn in.

Clear the Hiss out and shoot the red crystals. Eventually, the light will cause the Darkness blocking the door to flee.

Go through the newly unlocked door to reach Shifted Offices.

To get past the Shifted Offices, move the objects blocking a cave with the Power Core.

Place this Core into the socket next to the door and go into the room. Grab the floodlight and use it on the double doors.

Follow the path to the Loading Bay.

AWE Loading Bay

If you need some extra help before heading into the Loading Bay. Use the intercom outside the room to summon some extra help.

Go in when ready and leave the control room to enter the large room. Clear the Hiss that comes at you and go through the large pipe.

Pass through until you finally reach an elevator at the end. Ride it to the next Control Point outside of the Fra Mauro AWE area.

Activate it and get ready for your second encounter with Hartman.

Fighting Hartman in Fra Mauro AWE

In the room with Hartman, you’ll find consoles that will open and close their respective parts of the roof.

Using these you can control where the light comes in from. There is a sticky note on each of these consoles which will tell you which direction the button will make the light move.

Here’s what you need to do,

Press the button on the console located left of the entrance. Follow the light counter-clockwise to the next platform and grab the Power Core as well.

Throw the core into the top socket. Use the right button and follow the light to the platform in the top left corner of the room.

Now push the left button and follow the light to grab the Power Core. Throw the core into the socket and access the elevator to the left of the sockets.

Push the button and it will flood the light in the room.

Head back to Active Investigations to end the mission. You can get back using the Service Ducts attached to the Control Room.