How to Get the Tranq Rifle in Warframe

With the Heart of Deimos Expansion out for Warframe, players now have the ability to capture animals for Son to get Son Tokens. However, capturing animals is not a walk in the park and you of course need the proper tools to do so. For this, players need to get the Tranq rifle. This guide will help you find and use Tranq rifle in Warframe to capture animals.

Warframe Tranq Rifle

As it is clear for many players now, Tranq rifle is similar to a tranquilizer gun that allows you to get the target animals conscious then capture them to get them to Son.

This is extremely important as it is the only way to make progress to make any progress in the Entrati Syndicate.

Son is an NPC in Necralist. He asks you to capture animals for conservation and also sells most of the items that you would need to capture the animals he needs.

However, the only item not sold by Son is the Tranq rifle itself. You would have to get it through a series of different tasks.

The Tranq rifle is sold at the Business at Fortuna on Venus. It is the only place you can buy one. Again, its not that simple.

The Tranq rifle can be only purchased using Solaris Standing. For this, you need to earn them first.

You need to visit Eudico near the gates of Orb Vallis at Fortuna. Eudico will offer you different bounties that you need to complete.

Most of her bounties are paid in different amounts of Solaris Standing. Keep on doing them until you have at least 500 Solaris Standing.

With the hard-earned 500 Solaris Standing at your disposal now, you can easily purchase the Tranq rifle from the Business at Fortuna.

The trip to Fortuna is not very long itself and can be easily sorted out to get the gun,however it is kind of stupid that Sin himself does not sell the gun.

Using the Tranq rifle

Although the gun has unlimited uses, it can only carry 3 darts n the magazine at a time, so this means that you need to make your shots count.

Also, the darts have matter and do not time travel. Make sure to compensate when shooting at a distant target to make sure you do not miss the shot.

So now you finally have the gun in your possession. What to do with it? Simple, hunt! To conserve the animals, you need to get to Deimos.

Here, the first animals you can interact with are the bug-like Velocipods. Simple shoot them with your Tranquilizer gun and interact with them to have the Son take them away.

Every time you have an animal taken away by the Son, you get a Son token, which is the only way to progress through the Entrati Syndicate.

For other animals, you would need to use baits to capture them. These baits can again be easily bought off from the Son to capture more animals.

How to Get Perfect Captures

Now keep in mind that you need to know how to hunt before you head out to take on animals.

You need to keep these things in mind, Perfect Choice of Prey, Perfect Location, Perfect Shot and Perfect Catch. Let’s look at these points.

First, chose your prey better. Choosing faster and smaller animals is not worth it as can escape easily if you are detected.

The Tranq rifle may be silent but you still need to aim and take a shot. Make sure you chose easy targets to hunt.

Perfect location is the second point. This is also important as you need to be hidden from the animal to successfully lure it in without scaring it away.

You can either be hidden away from the animal sight by hiding or simply using a skill to make you invisible.

The latter option is better as you can be as close as you like and get a better shot.

A perfect shot matters. Tranq rifle has only 3 rounds per mag so each one matters. Try to get headshots. As soon as the animal you are luring in pops it’s head out, shoot them to incapacitate them.

Last, perfect catch. There are three classes of animal capture, bad, good, and perfect.

To get perfect captures you need to snag the critter pretty much as soon as it appears, and without alerting it to your presence