Control AWE A Dark Place Walkthrough

In our walkthrough for A Dark Place, the first mission of the Control AWE DLC, we will help you navigate your way through all the dark places and help you confront all the creatures that inhabit this part of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Control AWE A Dark Place

A Dark Place quest will start in the Executive area. After starting the quest, head to the elevator where you will see an image of someone sitting at a typewriter.

Heading towards the typewriter which will change your objective which will be to head to the Investigations sector. Use the elevator to go to the Investigations Sector.

Explore the Investigations Sector

After reaching the Investigations sector, explore the floor. There will be a power core on the left side of the room. Grab the power core and then head through the doorway.

Head upstairs with the power core and place it in the room where the objective marker takes you. After the power core is placed, it will power the gate at the top right of the room.

Head to the gate and open it using the buttons to go to the Control Point Area. There, activate the control point and then head on to the Sealed Area.

Interact with the cable which is dangling from the ceiling three times. It will trigger a cutscene with Alan Wake.

Oceanview Motel

After the end of the cutscene, you will be in the Oceanview Motel. Your new objective will be to traverse the Oceanview Motel.

Head to the lobby area and then ring the bell on the front desk. After that, move down the hallway to room 222 and turn off the TV there. Now head to room 224 and turn the radio off.

Now, head back to the front desk and turn off the vending machine. Doing so will unlock room 226. Head inside room 226 and interact with the light on the desk.

After that, go back to the front desk and use the Hotline. Now run to the other hallway and look for the door with an inverted triangle on it.

Open it and pull the cord 3 times to teleport back to the Sector Office.

After arriving back at the sector office, you will again have the objective to explore the Investigations Sector.

This time, the blocked path will be cleared and you will be able to access it. Head on the new path until you reach a gap.

On your right, there will be more paths. Head towards the path which has the yellow tarp. Head down this path to reach the Investigations Sector.

Investigations Sector

After reaching here, you will be attacked by some enemies. Deal with the enemies and then head forward until you reach a control point.

Activate it to unlock a vault for some gear. Now, move to the Filing and Processing area. In this area, there will be several enemies as well which you will have to defeat.

Head right to the service tunnel where you will see Darkness engulfing the double doors. Point a floodlight in its direction to destroy it.

Go through the double doors into the next room. Above you will be a yellow tarp on the walkway.

Jump to this walkway and then move on into the service tunnels. Keep moving on until you reach the door which will be on the left side.

Head inside this door and find the control point. Use it to move to the next corridor. Head right to the Operations Center.

Walk through the doors to trigger another interaction with Alan. After the end of the cutscene, your task is to turn the power back on.

Head down the stairs and head along the left wall to find another set of stairs. Go up these stairs into a room with a Power Core in it.

Hold the Power Core and take it to the second floor to turn the power back on.

Now, take the power core back out and head into the control room to put the Power Core into the socket on the back wall of this room to power up the switch.

Turn on the switch for power. As you get power, you will be attacked by some Hiss enemies. Clear them out and then head to the Active Investigations sector.

In this area, your new objective will be to activate the lights to defeat the creature. While you are standing in the darkness, your Ability Core will be drained.

To defeat the large Hiss, first place the power core into the yellow generator socket. After that, take the power core from the yellow stockpile generator.

Place this power core to the right side of the stockpile. Now, take the power Core from yellow wall stockpile and go through the lit-up offices behind the generator and go to the roof.

Now use the power core on the generator on the roof. After that, use the final Power core on the platform across the generator and use the switch to activate the lights.

This will trigger a cutscene in which the lights turn on and the Hiss runs away.

Now head back to the elevator in the middle of the room and use it up to a new step to speak with Langston on the intercom. This will be the end of the A Dark Place quest for Control AWE DLC.