WB Montreal Gives New Details On Gotham Knights Co-Op

It’s been a few days since Warner Brothers Montreal announced their brand-new Batman game, Gotham Knights. Now, the studio has given out new details on Gotham Knights co-op that make it sound like the game will be extremely fun to play, no matter which member of the Bat Family you choose.

According to Fleur Marty and Patrick Redding, the senior designer and creative director of the game, respectively, not only is the game drop-in, drop-out co-op, there’s also untethered roaming and you can also play multiples of the same character.

This means that not only will you not have to stick close to whoever you decide to play co-op with in the game and be clear across the city from each other, you can also go at Gotham’s criminal underground with double the trouble. So, if you want to play two Batgirls, two Red Hoods, two Nightwings, or two Robins, you can do that.

The only limitation on what characters you can play in Gotham Knights co-op is the process to switch characters. To do that, you have to go back to the Belfry, the homebase of the characters. But it’s not just how each character looks that can change up co-op, but also how they play.

While we don’t exactly know how that will be done just yet, each member of the cast of Gotham Knights has their own playstyle, so if you have a favorite single-player character and a favorite multiplayer character, you can swap between them.

You can also tailor your co-op experience to have each different member of the Bat Family complement one another, such as one character that could specialize in fighting from a distance and another that prefers to get up close, or ones that handle certain obstacles better than others.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Gotham Knights co-op in action sometime soon, but until then we’ll have to wait for the game to actually come out sometime next year.